Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ahh! The Fireplace

Well, "we" have started another project - I hope you noticed the quotation marks around the "we" because, as we all know, I don't do that much on the big projects around here. However, I do take some of the credit - as I am known to hold wood and help guide wood through the saw and give "expert" advice, even when it may not be asked for. But never mind about all that - the important thing is "we" have started another project here and that project is ---------- The Fireplace!

Not that it needed it - right!
This is the fireplace before the remodeling project began - ugly gray slate tile - no mantle - just not something you would want to curl up in front of and enjoy a nice cozy fire. (Yes, we do have times, even in Florida, when we want to curl up in front of a nice fire - have a cup of hot chocolate and watch some football on the television - or read a nice book - or watch some football.)

One of the things that Dan and I wanted to do as part of the remodeling project of the house was redo the fireplace - but Dan wanted to do this project on his own - so we did not include it as part of the "scope of work" that the contractor did. Now, that all the other work is done (almost) Dan has decided that it is time to tackle this major endeavor.

But, let's go back and look at the steps the fireplace has taken to get where we are today.

One week into the project the construction crew had torn off the gray slate -------------------

Old ugly gray tile gone!

At three weeks into the remodel the next step was to tear the concrete lathing off and square the sides up. We did not want the fireplace to have any angles on it when we finished. You might ask why we had them tear the tile and lathing off and square up the sides if Dan wanted to do the project himself - well, there is a good explanation for that - the construction trash trailer. You see, we had this big trailer sitting in our driveway that all the construction trash went into - we figured that IF they tore all the stuff off they would have to get rid of the trash and we wouldn't have to. So, why not? I also need to give credit where credit is due, Dan did help the construction crew tear the tile off - plus, let's be honest, Dan enjoys the finishing work - not the construction part.

So -this is what the fireplace looked like at week six. It had the green board on it all ready for Dan to tile and finish it. The sides had been squared up and the firebox has been laid out so he could build the mantle - we even had an electrical plug added to the top of where the mantle will be so I will be able to decorate it at Christmas.

The next step was to tile around the firebox -----------------------------------

So, at around week 8 we got that step done - along with tiling the floor and the area to the right of the fireplace which will be shelves and cabinetry that Dan will be building. (Yes, you read that right, we had that step done also. When the tile people were here doing the bathrooms Dan had them tile around the fireplace - I told you, he wants to just do the "finish" work.)

Now, nothing had been done to the fireplace since we have moved back into the house three weeks ago - it has looked like the picture above all this time (other than the rest of the house is put together around it.) The only furniture we have not received yet are the chairs that are the ones that go in front of the fireplace - do you think that maybe someone is trying to tell us something? We have been talking about finishing this area for a couple of weeks, but Dan has to talk himself into it. He has to figure everything out in his head before he does anything with "real" wood.

However, today, we went into Sebring and made our weekly (we are down from daily to weekly) trip to Lowes. Dan decided it was time to buy the lumber and start the actual construction of the fireplace mantel and finishing of the face. This is as far as he got today --------------------------

Right after this picture was taken he decided it was time to get in the pool. Then when he got out he has decided it is time to sit and read for a while. So, I think that the construction is over for today. However, I will keep you posted on the progress - I'm hoping that he will be done by this time next week - we shall see.

Have a great evening - time for me to go start dinner (I hear pork chops calling my name!).

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