Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things are coming along

Well, things are happening at the house, but you really can't tell anything from pictures - because it is things like moving some plumbing (for the washer and dryer, will explain more later) and all the electrical. There is a lot of electrical work being done. With all the walls coming down and us changing so much of the wall placement - the electricians are just about having to rewire the entire house. We are getting new lighting in the bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and of course, in the living room. They should just about have it all done today, except for the two floor receptacles we are having them put in. They did not have the saw to cut the concrete today, and won't have it until Saturday. So, they will be back Saturday morning to finish that part of the job up.

Of course, this is just the rough in. After all the dry wall is hung and everything is finished they will come back and finish all the work. You know, hang the chandelier in the dining room. Put up the new wall sconces in the bathrooms, and the chandelier in the guest bath over the jetted tub. Things are looking so different - it is hard to remember what it looked like with the all the angled walls.

The plumber has not had much to do yet - but he will do his thing after the all the tile goes in. That should be the end of next week. Dan talked to the tile man today and he is suppose to come over and give us the final estimate, probably this weekend. We have picked out the tile - Dan's is a little different than mine - but they are basically the same (mine is just a little lighter).

We made a major decision in regards to the laundry room last week - we were having problems with the layout of the master bedroom walk-in closet. It just wasn't going to be big enough because of all the space that the laundry room was taking up due to where the hot water heater and the washer and dryer were located. I suggested that we move the hot water heater to the garage and put the washer/dryer at the end of the laundry room - which would allow the laundry room to be skinner allowing more space for the closet. Well, it was actually a good idea. There was a utility sink in the corner of the garage that we never used and Dan wanted to get rid of - that was the perfect location for the hot water heater. So, the plumbing had to be moved - and we thought, at decision time, that is was going to be a fairly expensive move - since we thought we would have to cut into the concrete to move all the plumbing, but when the plumber came he said, nope! All he had to do was cap off where the old hook up was and use the plumbing where the hot water heater was for the new washer/dryer hookup, and, as far as where the hot water heater is going - he can use the plumbing that was for the utility sink. So, it won't be as bad as we thought!

Dan has also had the contractor fix the huge sliding glass doors that were always hanging up when we tried to open and close them and he is having them take off the old gray rock on the chimney and putting stucco on to match the rest of the house. We are also replacing the outside door that leads in from the pool to the guest bathroom and from the garage to the laundry room. Things will certainly look different when it is all finished!

We have also hired the painter. I know, I know. Dan was suppose to do the painting, but things were getting down to the wire and things were going to be waiting on him to get things done. So, we had a man come in and give us an estimate on doing all the painting for us (including the new ceilings, since we had all the "popcorn" taken off). So, that is something else that Dan won't have to worry about.

Memorial Day weekend we spent most of the time buying all the stuff that we need for the house. I ordered (and have already received) the new front load washer/dryer and I also ordered a new over the range convection microwave (that's my second oven, and it is nice in the summer - it doesn't heat up the house). We also ordered the two chairs that will go in front of the fireplace, the two other chairs for the living room (what I call Melissa and Justin's chairs), the new dining room furniture (table, chairs, buffet, and hutch), and the bedroom furniture. Of course, none of this stuff came from the same place - or even from the same city for that matter! Oh, and we had to go to Lake Alfred to pick up the vanity for the master bathroom, since Saturday was the last day they were open for the season. We also finalized the order on the vanity in the guest bathroom, the granite for the kitchen, and the flooring for the entire house. We were busy little bees!

We even found time to go out on the lake one afternoon and spend some time with the "extended" family and soak up some sun. We took mom out on the boat with us and I think she enjoyed herself.

This pretty well catches you up to date with what is going on in the house. I hope to be able to post some pictures tomorrow showing the new drywall up. So, while I might not have pictures to show since last week - lots of things have been going on! Stay tuned, I can't wait to start showing pictures of things coming together!

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  1. Such great designs. I don't think I could just look at space and do that. I'm too visual of a person. I would need LOTS of help. You seem to know what you want and what you need to have done to get there! Good going.


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