Monday, June 13, 2011

Dry Wall Finally!

Okay, Monday the crew did not work at all - something to do with already having their 40 hours in and the contractor not paying overtime. So, I was expecting a lot on Tuesday - I came in and found there was actually some drywall in the house. The only problem I could see was - there was only one guy there doing everything. Seriously. One guy. But let me tell you something - that one guy probably did more work, by himself, then some crews of three or four do. He doesn't take a break for lunch (he says that if he breaks for lunch, as hot as it is, it just makes him feel sick) and just works! Anyway, he has hung all the drywall in the entire house, has done all the taping and mudding, and now he is doing the texture on the walls.

You can really see the difference in the house now that the walls are drywalled. You can see the new shape of the house - and it is certainly going to be so different. Even the workers have said that the changes we have made have made such an improvement - and they haven't seen it finished yet!

So, let me walk you though a few pictures -----------------

This is looking toward the kitchen area from the sliding doors by the pool (and yes, that is my new washer/dryer that we have no where else to put right now).

This is the new wall in the master bedroom, with the master bathroom door to the left.

This is the kitchen - the half wall will be where the kitchen island will be.

This is looking to the front of the house from the sliding doors - kitchen to the left, dining room to the right.

Okay - this is an oops - I repeated a picture - so just ignore! (but in case you want to know again it is a shot of the kitchen)

The new fireplace! This is going to look SO much better (but it will one of those things that won't be finished right away, since Dan is doing the finish work on it - one of the continuing work areas)

Okay - this is looking at the master bathroom from the bedroom (another area that I really excited about). This area is so different than it was before!

This is the taken from the master bathroom looking back toward the bedroom.

This is the master bedroom closet (do you remember what the old closet area looked like?) Well, I can't wait to see everything finished.

Anyway, things are moving along with the drywall. Today he starts the texturing, will finish it tomorrow. So, we are about a week behind schedule. Painting will be Thursday and Friday. Next week, while I am gone to the workshop, the tile goes in and the new flooring. They might actually get the kitchen installed also - which brings us to the next problem.

Saturday, Corey and Dan put the kitchen cabinets together. There is one cabinet that we don't think is right - the one for the farm sink. So Dan open the box with the farm sink in it and guess what, it is broken! One corner of the sink is shattered! So, Dan is calling IKEA today about taking it back and getting another one. Hopefully, we won't have any problems, he is waiting for them to call him back. We shall see.

Yesterday, we had to go into Sebring to take some insulation back to Lowes (Dan put insulation in the new bedroom walls) and then we went down to Walmart to pick up a few groceries and we found a patio set for the new outside deck area. We had been looking for chairs to go around the fire pit and hadn't been able to settle on anything. We had been looking at some chairs that were over $200 each. Anyway, we went out to the patio department at Walmart and they had a fabulous sale going on - there was a nice set, but it had a couch and a coffee table that we don't need - but it was only $148. We really thought about it, but we would have to get rid of the couch and the coffee table. Then I looked over and they had a dining table with four chairs for the same price. We figure we can have it out on the patio - pull the four chairs around the fire pit when we need it and if Dan needs a table when he is grilling he has it - and if we want to eat out on the patio we now have a table to do that with. (Now we just have to get an umbrella)

Well, that should catch you up with what happened last week - I'll try and keep you posted on what happens this week before I head up to Leesburg for the workshop. You guys have a great week and I'll talk to you later!

But, I'll leave you with a couple of pictures - this is taken from the foyer --------

In the living room looking toward the master bedroom.


  1. My head is spinning! I can't visualize like you can and I'm so impressed with what is rising like a Phoenix from the shell of your home. Travel safely to Leesburg. (We used to have a rental house in The Villages but sold it several years back.)

  2. Thanks - we are so excited and can not wait for things to be finished! The painting starts tomorrow! So, I will be able to post pictures of that before I leave for Leesburg. Can't wait to see if by color choices look as good on the walls as they do in my head - LOL!


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