Sunday, June 26, 2011

Still lots of work to do

Okay - I forgot to take the camera with me today when I went over to the house - so I don't have new pictures to post - but I will get some this week to post later during the week. I think you will be surprised with the progress that has been made. Let me update you.

First, I need to explain the "patch in the ceiling in the guest bedroom". I don't know if you remember way back when Dan and I first bought the house we talked about a leak in the ceiling of the guest bedroom. We thought we had it fixed when we cleaned out the gutters and nailed down some shingles that had come loose. Well, guess what. We hadn't. The only good thing about that is - we found it while we were still doing work on the house and not when we had everything finished. So, we had to cut a big hole in the ceiling in the guest bedroom and the contractor went up in the attic and found where the leak was (thank goodness it was not anything major - we did have to have some of the decking replaced and some of the shingles). Now, the roof is fixed, the ceiling the guest bedroom is fixed, the room has been painted for the THIRD time and it is FINALLY the right color! (BTW, Dan painted the room while I was gone! - isn't he just the best?) He also repainted the inside of the two walk in closets. The painters had painted them the bedroom color and we decided that we just wanted them painted white. That way, IF at any time in the future we want to change the color of the rooms, we won't have to repaint the closets.

Now, what else was the completed while I was at the conference. Well, unfortunately, not as much as I had hoped. First, the tile in the bathrooms was completed and they look fantastic! They did a GREAT job! (Now, we just have to decide if we are going to use the same shower doors that we had before, or if we will have enough money left to have new ones - we will probably have to stay with the old ones - seems like the money is going fast!)

However, the wood floors were not completed because they ran out of wood - one box short (and not even a full box at that). About two pieces at the front door and inside the front entry closet. Anyway, they had to order a whole box to finish this little bit - it was suppose to come in on Friday and they are suppose to install it tomorrow - we shall see. Now, they are also suppose to put in the carpet in the bedroom tomorrow. Dan and I spent most of today making sure everything was out of both bedrooms and the floors were cleaned so the carpet can be laid with no problems. Of course, the electrician was suppose to come yesterday and trim out the bedrooms - didn't show. The painter was suppose to come and paint the baseboards - didn't show. Now, I really did not expect the painter to show up today - it is Sunday - but don't tell me he is coming and then not show. The contractor did say the electrician called and said that he couldn't come on Saturday but that he would be at the house early tomorrow morning and get it trimmed out before the carpet guy shows up - we shall see.

They were suppose to put all the new baseboards up Saturday as well as hang all the new doors - didn't get that done. They did get the bedrooms done so the carpet can go down, but like I said earlier - the baseboards are not painted. Don't know how that is going to work - we shall see.

I did get the floors clean in both bedrooms and the closets so the carpet will go down on clean concrete. I don't know what they would have done IF I hadn't gone in and cleaned. I guess they would have put the new carpet on top of the dust and dirt that was there. That would have really made me angry.

Now, let's move on to the kitchen. Well, Dan and I worked on Friday putting up some of the upper cabinets. Korey did come on Saturday (although he was suppose to be there on Friday AND Saturday) and he installed the refrigerator end panel, the pantry, and placed the base cabinets where they will go, but they are not attached to the wall. Dan and I did have to make another run to IKEA. Why, you might ask. Well, when we added the other pantry that I really wanted we originally thought we would take the extra space out of the laundry room. Well, we didn't - we extended it into the Great Room. Well, we didn't think about the other side of the kitchen. So, we had an extra 8 1/2 inches. We could have put in a 36 inch cabinet instead of a 30 inch one, but we already had the cabinets put together and I didn't want to spend another $600 that we didn't need to spend - plus have two extra cabinets we couldn't use. So, I started looking in the catalogue I found a wine rack and a book case that was 9 inches wide. I asked Dan if he could trim them down the 1/2 inch and he thought he could - the best part, not only would this look like it was really "planned" it was only going to cost an additional $130. This I could swallow. So, off we go to IKEA again. We also decided to go ahead and get the cabinets for the laundry room so we can get those put up also and everything will match. (I also ordered the pedestals for the washer/dryer). Dan got the wine rack put together and installed today along the last upper cabinet. Now, he just need to put the bookcase together and place it.

We were both hoping that we would be able to have the granite people come Monday and do the template for the counter tops, but that is not going to happen. So, we probably are not going to have counter tops before the 4th. I don't even see the kitchen being finished before the 4th. However, that does not mean that Dan and I won't be moving back home next week. We are determined to be back in the house by the 4th. Even if we have to come to Melissa's to take a shower we are going to try our best to be in the house by this weekend. We shall see.

Well, this has turned into quite a long post - and I know that I have said "suppose" quite a few times. I'm really not angry - I just want things to be finished. I am ready to move back home. Dan and I are both ready to be back in our own home. We shall see IF we can do what we are hoping we can do. Time will tell.

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