Thursday, August 3, 2017

July Recap

The month of July was a busy one, as you can probably tell from the lack of posts!  Ha!

On the 3rd Mom had fasting labs at the clinic and I had a doctor's appointment at 3:15.  I was put on another round of antibiotics - but a much stronger one and I could only take it for five days.  I had a follow up appointment on the 25th and if the infection is not cleared up then I am off to an urologist.

On the 4th we had some of our neighbors over for a cookout.  I am such a bad blogger lately I didn't take any pictures.  We had hamburgers, hot dogs, cole slaw, potato salad,  sliced tomatoes, homemade pickles, and all the fixin's for the burgers and dogs.  Oh, and I fixed a peach cobbler for dessert with some vanilla bean ice cream.  It was a fun evening.  (I really need to start taking pictures again!)

We got everything handled with the attorney on Wednesday the 5th - just have to go back and sign the paperwork after he gets it all done.  

Mom had her doctor's appointment on the 6th - we have been told that she has dementia and is in the late moderate/to early severe stage.  We knew that she is having some definite issues and it is not going to get any better.  We are trying some B12 shots every two weeks for three months as her B12 level is extremely low and that might give us a small improvement, but we aren't expecting much.  We will see how things progress.

Later that afternoon we took Jessie into the vet to have her toe nails clipped.  She does not like this done and it is worth it to me to pay $10.00 and have the vet's office do that little chore.  We're good now for about 6 to 8 weeks.

Friday I left for Nashville - my daughter was having surgery on Monday and I wanted to get up there and be available if we needed to do anything before. The trip took a little longer than I thought as I had to stop every hour to go to the bathroom - it was ridiculous- but I got to Crystal's house just a little before she got home from work.  

Saturday was a quiet day at her house until dinner time.  We went to a FABULOUS place called Two Ten Jack - it was delish!!!!  I even ate Brussels sprouts and liked them!!!!  That is amazing in itself.  Anyway, we had a really nice meal with the owner stopping by a couple of times to talk with us (she and Crystal are friends) and my daughter had another friend who came later.  We had a nice visit before heading back home.

Sunday we had brunch at Melrose - also delish!  Then we went and had a pedicure.  It had been a long, long time since I'd had a pedi and I decided that maybe I needed to have one at least once a month.  It was awesome!  Then it was off to Target where I found a few things.

We had a good night before getting ready to head to the hospital - Crystal's surgery went well and she did awesome.  She had to spend one night in the hospital and she refused to have me stay - so I went back to her house around 10:30 PM  - had a little dinner and headed to bed.  Up at 6 Tuesday morning and at the hospital by 7.  She was up and ready to head home, but of course, we had to wait for all the paperwork to be done.  I was able to see the doctor as I was arriving and she was very impressed with her progress.  She was released around 10:30 and we went straight home where Crystal rested most of the day on the couch while watching some TV.

We pretty much spent the rest of the week resting and watching TV - she was feeling great and by the weekend it was time to get out and about.  We went shopping on Saturday to At Home - I wanted to look for some cushions for the outdoor chairs by the fire pit.  I had gotten an email that all their outdoor stuff was on sale 50% off - but it wasn't.  After I spent a good hour looking for just the right cushions I find out they aren't for sale and they were left in the cart.  

We then went to World Market were I found some lumbar cushions that will look good with what I have for now - at 75% off - so they cost me $30.00 for 4 instead of $200.00.  That's awesome!

Sunday we went to the mall where they were having an awesome sale at GAP and Crystal got some good deals (I didn't find anything I liked).  We looked at several other stores before going into Talbots where they had an additional 50% off all their sale merchandise.  I picked up a couple of shirts for a really good price.  Before we headed back home.

We continued to get out every day the next week for a little while as it was really good for her to walk.  She was doing so well that on Tuesday we went out and she drove for the first time since her surgery.  We decided that since she was doing so well that I would come home a day early.

Wednesday the 19th I headed home and had a uneventful trip.  I have gotten where I travel I65 home instead of I75.  It might take a little longer but the traffic is much less and it is much less stressful!

When I got home I discovered that Dan and our friend Bud had gotten all the overgrown azalea's out of our yard.  It looks awesome, but needed to be raked and smoothed out.

So Thursday we worked in the yard.

This was the yard when we first moved into the house.

This was right after the renovation was done.

And this is today - 

These pictures were taken from the driveway instead of out by the road.  I would go take some different ones so the perspective would be the same, but it is pouring down rain (has been for two days) and it has taken me those two days to get these pictures to download.  (Gotta love our Internet service - NOT!)
Anyway, I'll try and get some from the road for the next post.

All those dirt patches was where there were plants/trees.  A half dead dogwood, a cedar tree, and haphazard azalea plants that were just stuck out in the yard.  All those spots are starting to green up with grass now - I guess that's one good thing about all this rain. HA!

Friday was Dan's doctor's appointment with his cardiologist in Lake City.  It went really well and he was released.  He can pretty much do what ever he wants to do now - still gets out of breath but he is so much better than he was.  
Friday night we gave our first Pontoon Boat ride of the season.  Dan has been named a "captain" which makes me the "first mate".  

Captain Dan

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were nice quiet days at home with nothing special going on - we might have eaten out a lot on those days as I hadn't been to the grocery store yet.  (That's a good excuse right???)

Tuesday the 25th I had my follow up appointment - the infection is cleared up but my doctor still wants me to see the urologist to make sure everything is okay.  So, I'll get that scheduled soon.

Thursday the 27th we had to go up to Valdosta and buy a new TV.  While I was gone to Nashville we had a huge thunderstorm and lightening struck very close to the house.  Dan said we didn't lose power but the TV blinked and when it came back on it was just messed up.  He thought we could get a better deal on a TV at Sam's Club - so off we went and came home with a new 55" Smart TV.  I have it connected to the internet, but I haven't gotten Netflix yet (but it's something we are going to do).  It took us a couple of days to get all the wiring right but it is hung up over the fireplace.  Dan was not real happy with the picture and was ready to take it back when our local TV tech came by to sync the TV to the Dish remote and he set the picture.  It is brilliant and beautiful and the best picture we have ever had on a TV.  Very pleased with it now!!!

Well, that's it for July - I've got some things up my sleeve for the next couple of days - so we shall see how they play out.

For now - have a great rest of your week!


  1. You guys are so very busy, I'm thankful that you share your life with us whenever you find time. Today we had beautiful weather for the second huge yard sale. It feels so good to see so much stuff finding a new home and the rest will be donated. I'm so proud of Rolf, he really did empty out a lot in the work shed. Less to put in storage ;). It'll be interesting to see how much we actually need to move now, I don't even know if it makes sense to pack up yet. We might buy a little boat trailer from the money we made from the yard sales, the old one would have not passed MVI. Have a wonderful week my friend! Hugs, Sue

    1. So glad you had a successful yard sale - congratulations on getting Rolf cleaning out his work shed - I have a hard time getting Dan to throw away an old screw! Haha!
      Here's to a quick home sale! Have a great week my friend!
      Hugs to you.

    2. don't get me started on old screws and nails, we still have pretty much all of those, lol. Thanks for all your lovely wishes and right back at ya! <3 Hugs back, Sue


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