Tuesday, November 24, 2015

That "Ah ha" moment

It has been a fairly quiet week around here.


Well, I have laryngitis again!
Just woke up with it one morning.
Sure does make it hard to communicate with Dan since
he is hard of hearing - but we are getting really
good at charades.  LOL

I have been getting the "itches" to get something done around
this house - anything!  I mean, we (meaning Dan) have been in 
the house since the middle of June and we have done
NOTHING!  I got here permanently the end of August and I
was determined NOT to unpack all the boxes since we were just
"going to have to repack them again."
I didn't even hang pictures on the walls.

Well, I have had ENOUGH!!!!

I can't live this way any longer.

So, we have done some things around here.
Nothing major - but at least the house looks lived in
instead of just someone camping.

When Dan came he put our bed up in the guest bedroom, as that is really the only room that is not going to have anything major done to it.  Yes, we will paint the walls and put carpet in the room - but no major remodeling.
Well, it was just sorta stuck in the room and didn't look all that great.
So, I decided that we were going to move the bed and set up our room like we actually lived here - headboard and all.  We even put up curtains and a picture over the bed.

For the guest bedroom bed we had been using a blow up mattress (remember we sold almost every piece of furniture we owned with the house in Lake Placid).  That is what I slept on the weeks that mom and I came up before we both moved up here for good.  It was just sitting on the floor and looked like - well, you can imagine.  Anyway, after moving our bed into the master bedroom we moved the blow up mattress to the guest room.  Still on the floor and I was not happy, so we went out to the Boy's Ranch Thrift Store a couple of weeks ago and bought a queen size bed frame - put a piece of plywood on it and then put the blow up mattress on that.  Not the best solution, but better than it sitting on the floor.

Well, last week I had enough of that nonsense too.  So, on Friday we
went over to Lake City and bought a queen size bed!  We will be picking it up tomorrow after Dan's doctor's appointment with the cardiologist.  Well, since I was getting a bed the next thing was to get a quilt for the bed.  Now, I had one on the bed but I wanted something that we could live with after the house is all done - and I found the perfect on one of the websites that I visit frequently.  It will arrive on Friday.   I'm excited that if one of my kids actually comes to see us they don't have to sleep on the floor!

Saturday was our anniversary - so we decided to go up to Valdosta and do some shopping - We went to all my favorite stores - Hobby Lobby, Kirklands, and Pier One.  I picked up a few things at Hobby Lobby (all Christmas related), some chargers at Kirklands (1/2 off), and a Christmas pillow at Pier One.  Also, while we were at Pier One we noticed a headboard that we both really liked.  We had talked about getting one from IKEA and then having to paint it - but this one would be perfect and it was on SALE.  Well, silly us, we didn't decide to get the silly thing until we were on the way home - so I called and reserved it - then we headed back to Valdosta on Sunday.  And, since we had to go back, I was able to go to Kohl's and Target (picked up a couple of things for the babies this weekend).

When we got home - Dan attached the headboard to the frame and it looks AWESOME!!!!
Now, I can't wait to pick up the bed and get the quilt.
I'll have this room looking like someone lives here yet - still haven't found the right drapes yet but we do have shades in the room and they might just have to do for a while.

Oh, I forgot!  Saturday night we went to Outback for our anniversary dinner - Dan's favorite restaurant.  It was really VERY good.
We enjoyed our day just being together
(even if I can't talk).

Monday I took Mom back down to Gainesville and she had the final tube removed and all the staples out.  Then she went over to see the oncologist and he has put her on a pill that kills all the estrogen in her body, since the type of breast cancer she had was estrogen fed.  He says that she will need to take the pill for five to ten years.  The good thing - the pills only cost $4.00 for a thirty day supply.  She doesn't have to see the surgeon or the oncologist again until February.  Yippee!!!!

So, I'm sure you are wondering why I titled this post what I did.
Well, there were actually two "ah ha" moments for me this week.

First, I'll be going down to Lake Placid in three weeks to keep the girls while their mom is at another training - I was suppose to keep them here, but Lorelai is in a Christmas program on the Wednesday night that they were suppose to get here.  Melissa couldn't wait until after the program to bring them or she wouldn't get to Jacksonville in time for her training Thursday morning - soooooo - Nana goes to Lake Placid.  Melissa won't be back until late Saturday and they have moved Ada's birthday party to that Sunday (Ada's actual birthday is the 11th) Dec. 20th.  Dan and I were going down with the camper on the 23rd to stay until the Sunday after Christmas.
Well, it just doesn't make sense to come home on Monday the 21st and turn around and go back to Lake Place on Wednesday, the 23rd.
What does all that have to with "ah ha"?  I have three weeks to buy and wrap all the Christmas presents - YIKES!  Well, as of this afternoon - everything has been ordered online except my mom (have NO idea what to do there) and Dan's kids - but we know what we are doing there.

The second "ah ha"?
Christmas cards!
I bought these beautiful Christmas Cards and was getting ready to 
sit down and get them all ready for the mail.
When what do I remember?

No address book!

It's packed up in one of those boxes that I refuse to unpack.

So, either I wait and send them out really late - like June - or I wait a little longer and use them next year.  
I think I'll just wait till next year - 
sorry everyone!

The rest of this week is going to be really busy -
Dan's appointment tomorrow and picking up the bed.

Thursday - Thanksgiving!  We are eating in the Dining Room this
year which should be easier on everyone!

Friday we are planning on driving up to Cuthbreth and see the girls at their dad's. I figured that's the only way I will see them and it's just a day trip.

Saturday - let's pull the Christmas decorations out of storage and see
what we can do for a tree.  I don't care that I will only be here two and a half weeks - I want a tree!  (Gosh darn it!!!)

At least - that is the plan.

That should keep us busy the rest of the week.
Oh, and I have a sewing project that I have to get done.
Yep, busy times!!!!

I'll fill you in on how well the "plan" works in the next post.

Hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!!

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  1. Hope you are doing better now! Only 3 weeks to get everything ready, oh my... Have a great Thanksgiving my friend! For us it's a regular work day as we had ours last month. It got cold here again, this morning it was 7F, brrrr. It's been weeks of up and down, lot's of people sick, so I am very busy at work. I did manage to get some cookie baking done and started decorating. We will have a real tree, first time we have to puppy proof it though :) Hugs, Sue


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