Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome 2016


That can't possibly be right.

Where has the time gone???

Well, as someone once said - time waits for no man - 
so, off we go into the new year!

I hope everyone that still reads this silly blog had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Eve.

Things around here are moving so quickly in some areas and slower than a gopher in others (for you that don't know a gopher is a land turtle that is
very, VERY slow)!

When I last posted I talked about going down to Lake Placid and keeping the babies and staying through Christmas.

Before I go any further - WARNING - this post is picture heavy!

I traveled down on Wednesday, December 16th, and was there for the Christmas program at the girls day care.  Actually, both girls were in the program, but Lorelai was the only one who sang.  She was so, so cute as an angel and Adalyn was a little lamb.


Adalyn sitting on her teacher's lap.
(she wasn't feeling real good that night, but she did great)

Lorelai was not stage shy at all and sang all the songs that they had learned.  Looks like we may have a "ham" on our hands.  LOL.

Sunday was Ada's birthday party and Justin's family came down from Lakeland and Crystal (my oldest daughter) arrived from Nashville.  It was such a fun time - 

Ada and her Aunt "Tal"
(my oldest Crystal)

Opening presents

"What did you get Ada?"

Sweet, adorable Adalyn!

(One of my favorite pictures of this little munkin!)

Crystal and I had planned on taking the girls to Animal Kingdom on Monday - but a few things came up and we decided to wait a day.
Instead we did my last minute Christmas shopping and
then home to play with Ada's birthday presents.

I also moved to a hotel in town on Monday - the house was just a little too crowded with four adults and two kids.  A nice big king-size bed all to myself was a little Christmas indulgence for me.

Tuesday morning Crystal, Lorelai, Adalyn and I set out for Disney World and Animal Kingdom.  It was a ZOO!  (no pun intended)  I have never seen that place so busy - we were not able to get Fast Passes to anything and we were not able to go on the Safari or to the show Lion King.  However, we did walk the trails, something that I had never done before, and we were able to see the gorillas (two babies too!) and the Siberian Tiger.  All the stand by lines were extremely long - but we were able to get into the "It's a Bug's Life" show and I think everyone had a good time.

Aunt "Tal" with the girls!

It was a long day - but a fun day with the four of us.

Wednesday Dan arrived with the camper - so I moved out of the hotel and up to Highland Hammock State Park in Sebring.  I was so happy to see him and Jessie.  We really do not like being apart for any length of time (I know).
The girls dad also got into town on Wednesday and we all met up at Melissa and Justin's house for a couple of hours before Dan and I went back to the camper and Donnie went to the hotel that I checked out of.  Some other things happened on Wednesday, but I'll talk about that later.

Both Melissa and Justin had to work half a day on Thursday, Christmas Eve, but we all gathered at the house for "lupper" when Justin got home from work.
Then Thursday night Crystal baked cookies and the girls decorated them for Santa.

My sweet girls in the aprons I got them at home.

How about some sprinkles for me, Aunt "Tal"?

After cookie decorating it was time for a bath, and opening our gift with Christmas PJ's and a Christmas movie.

Fresh out of the bathtub and in our jammies
(and that fake smile)

Oh, look at my book!!!!

Hair combed and ready for the movie

Ready for the movie, Nana????

Actually, after bath time and picture taking, "P" and I made a graceful exit so the girls could wind down and get ready for Santa to come.

Christmas morning we were back for the day - including all the present unwrapping - and low keyed lunch.

Out of our stocking

What Nana?


What'd you get?

Oh cool!

Wanna play????

Actually, there was no "tearing into presents" - the girls took turns opening things and really took the time to see what they received.

This is the expression I get when I asked her to 
"smile at Nana".

Then it was time to slow down and watch a movie
while Aunt "Tal" checked her phone.

After lunch Dan and I told everyone good-bye and headed back to the camper where we packed everything up and headed up to Lakeland to see his kids.
We got to his oldest daughter's house a little after dark and got the camper hooked up and then spent a little while catching up before going back to the camper and heading to bed.

On the 26th we got up - got dressed and met Dan's family at a local restaurant for breakfast.  Then came back - Dan jumped in the truck - me in my car - and headed for home.  Yes, it was a day early - but we were both tired and Jessie had been having some dental issues and we needed to get her back home.
(She is having surgery this week having her canine teeth removed)

The other thing that Dan and I did on Wednesday was meet Melissa at her office so we could sign the paperwork that was required by the bank so we could actually CLOSE on the house on Monday, December 28th!
Closing went through without a hitch (even though it has taken six LONG months to get this house closed on!).  Now, we wait to get with the general contractor so we can get the remodeling started.  Hopefully, this week!
See what I mean by slow as a gopher????

This past weekend we pretty much just stayed in our chairs and overdosed on football!  Dan has caught the "coughing crude" that is going around the village (I have my fingers crossed that I don't get it) and has a doctor's appointment in the morning.  I really hope that she can give his something that will help him feel better.

This Friday we go back to Gainesville for my follow up appointment.  Hopefully, we can get some issues addressed and fixed.
Oh, and Jessie has her surgery Thursday.

I think that pretty well catches you up on everything - except one last thing.
The Monday before I left for Lake Placid (so, the 14th) I took my mom to a Christmas tea here in the Village along with our friends Carol J and her sister in law JoAnn.  I think everyone had a good time and I hope the Village does something like this again.

My mom, JoAnn, and Carol J.

I know that this has been a super long post and I will try and do better with posting in the future.  I am really hoping that I will be able to start posting about the home renovation by the middle of the month - but that also means that Dan and I have to pack everything up in the house AGAIN!  (See, I told you I didn't want to unpack stuff, but I did - now I have to pack it again!)  
We have decided to move into the camper for the entire renovation instead of trying to live in the house and have them work around us - we think it will go faster if we are out of the house.  At least that is our hope.

Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon!


  1. So happy for you that you can finally start on the house! Love the family pictures, the girls have grown so much! Hugs from the cold North :)

    1. Hope you are staying warm my friend. How bad was your weather this past weekend? We had freezing temperatures but no snow - You are probably laughing at me right now - but with no coats (packed somewhere) it was a little rough on us. Stay warm and safe!

  2. Hi friend! We where really lucky, only cold here too, but no snow. It is supposed to be above freezing tomorrow and Wednesday. Hopefully you'll find the coats soon. Hugs!


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