Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Where did November go????

Disclaimer:  This was written last year on December 3rd and for some reason was never posted.  I am posting today because I want to have a record of the pictures, etc.
Please forgive the lateness of the post.
For an update that is current please scroll down past this post. 

I have no idea where the month of November went.
One day it was October 30th and I turn
around and it's December 3rd.
Goodness, time really seems to fly by!

It isn't as though we are that busy -
during the week we keep the babies and that does
keep us hopping..

Adalyn will be a year old on the 11th of December -
already a year old.  It is so hard to believe
that this time last year we were still waiting for this
sweet little one to be born.

I can't believe how poor the quality of these pictures is, but they were taken
with my phone and I guess I was trying to take pictures, see the baby and take care of Lorelai.

My three girls!

Love them!

Speaking of Lorelai ......
Talk about growing!!!!!

We are going through some times right now - she is two
and one minute she is the sweetest little girl you have ever been around and the next she is screaming her head off because she didn't get her way.
It is a little trying right now, but we'll work through it.

I guess all kids go through this stage - I just don't
remember it with my kids.

A couple of weeks ago was our anniversary - and I surprised Dan with a weekend trip to Disney World.  I had been working on the trip for over three months and had everything already paid for.  From our hotel room at Disney Port Orleans Resort, to our dinners - one at the hotel and the other at the Luau, to our lunches - one in Epcot and the other at the Magic Kingdom at Be Our Guest.  We had a wonderful time - just not long enough.  Wish we could spend a week up at the parks so we would be able to really check out all the different things to do.  Maybe IF we ever get another camper we can go up and stay at the Ft. Wilderness and really enjoy all the things that Disney has to offer.

We did not have Thanksgiving at our house this year.  The kids went up to Lakeland for the holiday and Dan's nephew came into town for a couple of days.  So we went out to eat at the country club - they had a nice menu (yes, you could actually chose what you wanted).  Dan and Dale had the Traditional which consisted of turkey and ham, sweet potatoes, dressing,  green beans, and a roll.  I had prime rib with a baked potato, and green beans.  For dessert, Dan and I had apple pie and Dale had a pumpkin roll.  We also got a ham dinner for my mom and took it to her since she did not want to go out.

Saturday afternoon I packed up all the Fall decorations and Dan took them to the store room and picked up Christmas.  I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday after church putting up our Christmas decorations.
I had taken pictures with my phone but for some reason I can't download them

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