Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Another trip to Gainesville

 Saturday we went to the "Fancy Flea Market" in Madison.  
It was FABULOUS!  There were so many wonderful things there.  
We bought a couple of things that we had been looking for and one thing I just couldn't pass up.  

We have been looking for an antique table to go beside Dan's chair when we get the Family Room built and we just happened to find one Saturday.  We also found a really unique coffee table that we will be able to use in the living room or family room - it's the perfect size for either room.  

But the piece that I am the most excited about is an antique dough bowl!  It is probably about four feet tall when stood on it's end and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  Happy anniversary to me!!!!!  I can't wait to get the remodeling done so this beauty will have a place to be admired.
I am over the moon!

After our trip to Madison we came back to a local church for their "Ole Timey Days" where they had all kinds of old farm equipment and had a cane syrup cookin along with a lot of FREE food.  Lima Beans, Sausage, Cornbread, Corn on the Cob, Biscuits and Gravy, Funnel Cake, and Boiled Peanuts.  I had everything but the biscuits and gravy and the corn - just too full.  I did come home with a stalk of sugar cane, after the gentleman heard me telling Dan about "chewing cane" as a child and eating cane syrup and biscuits on my grandfather's lap.  Good times.

We had a wonderful day
 (I'm still over the moon with excitement over my dough bowl)!

Yesterday was another trip down to Gainesville.
Dan keeps telling me that the trip will get easier, but I don't
think that is the case.  It just seems to get longer and longer every time.

Anyway, mom's appointment was at 9:45 and we arrived by 9:30.  We did not have to wait long before she was called back, nor did we have to wait long for the doctor to come in.

He removed one of her drains (one left) and removed about half of the staples she has left.  He is confident that he will be able to remove the last drain and the rest of her staples next week and we have an appointment with the oncologist as her follow up visit right after her last visit with the surgeon.
Hopefully, we will be through with all the doctors and all the follow up this time next week.  That will be something to be thankful for!

After her doctors appointment we went over to the mall and went to the post mastectomy bra store; however, we were not able to have her fitted yet as she must be a minimum of four weeks out from surgery and not have any scabs from drains.  Guess that means it will be after Thanksgiving before that will happen.  We also have to have a prescription filled out by the doctor that will allow her to get at least one bra paid for by Medicare (or at least 80%).

Then we headed over to the mall - I had a coupon from Yankee Candle that I wanted to use and a friend could use the same coupon - so mom and I both got a couple of candles (okay, actually four candles each - buy two get two free, and I had an additional $10.00 off my purchase - happy girl!) - I should be set until after the first of the year.  I do love to burn candles, especially in the fall and winter.  They make the house smell so, so good!

Our final stop was at Perkins for a very late breakfast (11 o'clock).  It was "free pie Monday" so I got a piece of cherry pie to bring home to Dan.  Mom also brought her piece home, but she got pecan. Then we headed home.

It was after two o'clock before we finally got back to the village.

After I dropped mom off at her house and got her all settled I came home, jumped in the golf cart and Dan and I went down and purchased our tickets for  dinner on Thanksgiving day.  None of the family is coming up this year so the three of us are going to eat in the dining room.  Should be an easy day for me!

Then we stopped by a friend's on the way home, but by this time I just wanted to get to the house.  I had not been feeling too chipper all day, and it was finally catching up to me.  I did get a light dinner fixed and took a trip over and emptied mom's drain before coming home and going to bed.  (Didn't even watch Dancing With the Stars or football)

This morning I woke up not able to talk.  Have really taken it fairly easy and hope to feel better quickly.  Now is not the time to get sick!


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