Monday, July 7, 2014

Well,well, well

I sure do wish I could say that I was finally
"well, well, well", but I'm afraid that I can't.  I can say
that I am feeling better, but I don't have a voice.
(Dan doesn't think that is such a bad thing - LOL!)

The weather around here has been HOT, HOT, HOT!!!
We have had temps above 100 degrees every day for well over a week.
It has been so hot that I really don't like to let the girls go out
and play for long - just too hot!

One day Dan did get in the pool with Lorelai.
So fun!

Friday I finally took the plunge and got my hair cut.
I had been trying to convince myself to get
a pixie - and Friday I did it!!!

This is my first attempt at a "selfie".  I took it right after
I got home from having it cut -
she didn't wash or dry it so it's a little "wild".
It looked better the next day after I blow dried it.

Friday night we met some people from church to
watch the fireworks instead of going out on the lake to see them.
(It was nice to be with friends, but we sure didn't get to see much
of the fireworks.)

Saturday morning we went out to get in my car to go out for breakfast 
and had a dead battery.
So, instead we loaded into the truck, went to breakfast and then we went 
 into town and bought a new one -
$100 for a battery.
We did go by the dealership, and they would have "given"
us a battery under warranty.  So, why did we buy one
instead?  Well, they would have 
pro-rated how much time is left on the 
warranty.  Anyway, Dan said that it would 
cost us more so - over to WalMart to get
the battery!

Oh well, it's in and the car is fine now.
Sometimes we think about getting rid of my car and
getting a different truck (a four door) and just have the 
one vehicle.  I don't know if it would be better or not.
Just seems like MOST of the time we are always together - so
having two cars seems to be a waste.
Something to think about.

Gotta leave you with a couple of pictures of the
girls - they are both growing SO fast!
First, how about sweet little
(or Ada-bear, or doodle bug!)

She is ALMOST crawling, but she can get
anywhere in the house by doing
the "belly flop", as I call it.
She gets up on all fours and then just
flops forward.
She is pretty fast too!
We really have to watch out now -
never know where she is going to be!

Yesterday on a friends dock.
Such a big girl!!!!

Then, sweet Lorelai.

A little peanut butter on her face here -
but still 
such a beauty!

Also on the dock yesterday.
This one loves to ride in the boat -
her daddy took her for a ride in our little
Bass Tracker and then she
rode home with us across the lake
 before the
afternoon rain storm hit.
(She slept all the way across the lake)

Well, this week should be busy -
we have swimming lessons for Lorelai
every day at 2.
They are private lessons and
we are hoping that 
she does well with them.
 I'll try and take some pictures of
her lessons.

Next week Dan has his second eye surgery
and I have my eye appointment.
(I'm hoping I don't have to do what Dan has had to do,
but I guess time will tell.)

Well, I hope you all had a great weekend
and have a great week ahead.

Talk to you later!!

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