Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Cold - YUCK!

I guess you can tell, from the title of this entry, that I have
a summer cold.  Came down with it last weekend and
it's about to kick my rear.  I just can't seem to kick it.
I think I feel worse this weekend than I did last week.
Oh well, I'm sure that it will get better.  I just have to
keep working on getting better by resting when I can and
trying to get as much sleep as possible.

Last Saturday, before I got sick, I went to the movies for
the first time since February (so much for going once a month).
Anyway, I saw The Jersey Boys, which is the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  It was a really good movie that I enjoyed.  Had planned on 
going this weekend and seeing Maleficent but that didn't happen
with my cold.  Oh well, maybe next week.

I still have been keeping the little ones and, as far as I can tell,
they have NOT caught this cold from me.
They are continuing to grow so darn fast!
It's hard to believe that Adalyn is already six months
old - has cut two bottom teeth, about to cut another one on the
top, and is just about ready to crawl.
Give her another week or so and she will be.  Right
now she can get just about anywhere she wants to go by
doing the belly flop crawl.  She knows how to get up on all fours and
how to move the back legs - she just hasn't figured out moving the
arms yet.  It won't take her long and then - well, Lorelai better
watch out.  Ada wants to be where ever her big sissy is - so far, Lorelai doesn't mind - and I'm hoping that will last.

The weather here has been so terribly hot!  The temperatures have reached
100 degrees (or higher) four of the last five days.  It has been so
hot that I won't let the girls go out and play too much outside.  Then the bad thunderstorms move in around four o'clock or later.
Thursday night we had a terrific thunderstorm - with lightening flashing everywhere - Dan checked the rain gauge on Friday morning and we got four and a half inches of rain in one night.  It was pretty bad, but I guess we shouldn't complain - at least we don't have any flooding as so much of the country has had.

We did let the girls go out and play for a little while on Monday.

 Lorelai loves her slide almost as much as her little pool.
What she doesn't love so much is 
her bathing suit.
I don't know if the one I bought her is too little, but
she would much rather just run around in her
swimming pants and a t-shirt.
That's okay with me.

This was the first day that I took Ada outside in the
sand.  She loved watching her big sister play in
the pool and slide.

She also liked to dig her little toes
into the sand.

Looks like we are going to have another little one that loves
to be outside.

Dan had cataract surgery on Thursday - the doctors did his left eye first.
We will go back in two weeks and have the right eye done.
He was really nervous going into this - not really knowing what
to expect - but he has not had any issues and now says that it was a piece of cake.  They are telling him that he probably won't need glasses at all after it is all done - or, if he does, it will only be for reading.  He thinks he can already tell the difference in the brightness of everything.  He says it's like you have been looking through a dirty glass and didn't know that it was dirty.  He can still tell when he closes his left eye and just looks with his right.

This whole thing has made me a little nervous - I have an appointment to have my eyes checked in July - don't know what to expect.  When you reach a certain age things like this seem to creep up on you fast.  Well, there is no use worrying about it.  What will be, will be.

We really haven't done much else outside - between the weather being so hot, the rainstorms, and Dan's surgery - things have sorta come to a halt.  We still have to put down the landscaping cloth and the mulch - but it will get done.  Sooner or later.  We did pick up a couple of plants to go on the porch - an English Ivy and a Spider Plant - but that's about all that we've done outside.

These are some of the plants we have hanging on the pergola.
We even added a bird feeder.  Dan and I enjoy sitting on 
the porch in the morning (on weekends) and in the
evening (after the babies go home and dinner is done)
watching the birds and just relaxing.

Today I did make myself get up and go into town for just a little while.
I had made an appointment with a consignment shop to take some
of my clothes that I will never wear again - things I used to wear to work or things that are too small for me now.  Anyway,  I didn't want to cancel the appointment - so Dan went with me - and we got it all taken in - 20 different pieces.
I certainly won't make a fortune on the clothes - the shop takes a 50% cut AND they set the price - but a little is better than nothing.  I usually donate everything - but I had some nice suits (Jones of New York, Kasper, and Brooks Brothers) and I thought that I would try the consignment thing.

Dan also went by the nursery and picked up the bleeding heart vine that he wants to plant by his grill.
Hopefully, we will get all this finished at some point!  

Well, I think that just about does it - 
I hope everyone is having a 
good weekend.
Talk at ya later!

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  1. Uff, poor you, I hope you get better really soon! I'm glad that Dan's surgery went well. Don't worry about the garden, it will get done. The girls are so cute! You did an amazing job so far and I hope you'll keep me posted. Things are working out different then planned on my side too. Rolf tore off the tendon from a muscle in his right calf at work on Monday. Now he is out of commission for about 4-6 weeks (he could do office work next week, if they have something for him and workers comp says OK too). Our son already moved out yesterday with the help from some friends and me. Now we need to kick it up a notch here, only 9 days left. The kids are awesome, they are all helping with our move. I might end up having to drive the 26'' U-haul as Rolf isn't allowed to drive - those things are HUGE and as you know I do not like driving...He suggested one of the older kids could do it, but I don't want that.
    But you and me will rock that boat, right :)?


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