Monday, July 14, 2014

Will I Ever get my voice back?

I think you can tell from the title of this post
that I still do not have a voice.
While some may think that this should not be a hardship
have never lived with my husband.  Since he is hard of hearing,
and I can't talk loud, we are having a very hard time communicating.
I can't NOT talk - we do keep two little ones during the
week - and that requires talking - quite a lot!
I feel so much better - just don't have a voice.
Oh well, I may have to just get used to
not having a voice.
We'll manage - somehow.

A new, big milestone was reached last week.  On Wednesday I 
received my first SOCIAL SECURITY check!
So, yep, it's official - I'm OLD!!!! lol!
I don't mind - it's about time I starting getting
back a little bit of what I paid in for all those years.
(I started working when I was 14 years old - so,
I had worked almost my whole like.  Or at least, it sure
seems liked it sometimes!)

Here are a couple of pictures of
Dan playing with the girls.
They love for their "P" to get down
on the floor and play with them.
Such fun!

It seems like the last few pictures I have taken
of Lorelai she has something on her face.
This one is no exception. LOL!
This time Oreo cookies!

I haven't shared any pictures of the
pups in a while - so
this is one I took of Jessie Saturday morning
as she was waiting for Dan to feed
her some donut.

Last week was Lorelai's swim lessons - at least it was for
three days.  We got rained out on Thursday and Friday -
so, we go back today and Friday (those are the only
days the instructor as open - that we don't have
something already planned).
I didn't take any pictures - hopefully I will be able
to do that today - but we really did not have
a good time.
Monday was fine - but Tuesday and Wednesday she spent
the entire lesson screaming her head off.  She did what the
instructor told her to do - but she was crying the entire time.
So hard for this Nana not to jump in and take her -
but I was a good Nana.
We will see how today goes.

This week will be a little strange.
Tomorrow Dan has his second eye surgery - so we won't have the
girls.  It should be a quiet day around here - maybe I will be able to
get the house cleaned while Dan sleeps.

We'll have the girls back on Wednesday  then a half day on Thursday
as I have my eye appointment.
Friday we will be back with the girls and Lorelai will have her last
swimming lesson.

I leave you with the first video that I have every shared on the
This is my little Ada-bear doing here
"Inch Worm" move.
Hope you enjoy!

Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Hi Carol! How are you doing? Hopefully your voice is back by now and Dan has recovered from his eye surgery. It's so sweet how Lorelai follows her sister in the video! We've had some hot days since the move, so I'm taking it really slow now. I know once I'm back working and Rolf has the use of two feet again we will start making changes in the new home.


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