Sunday, July 27, 2014

Where is cooler weather????

The last couple of weeks have been a little crazy.
Disclaimer:  This post has a LOT of pictures of the two girls.

Let's start with last week.
Monday Lorelai had a make up swimming lesson.
(Please forgive the quality of the pictures - they were taken
with my phone)

Lorelai and Ms. Erin

 Kick, kick, kick

She was not a real happy camper but she always did whatever
she was asked to do.  She might be crying while she was
doing it, but she did do it.

Tuesday Dan had his second eye surgery.  Both of the surgeries have
gone well and he no longer has to wear glasses at all - well, 
he does need very low magnification glasses to read.
In fact, we just went to WalMart and got the lowest magnification
they had.  So far, they have worked out well.

Wednesday was a "normal" day with the girls.

Playing in the family room.

Yo dude, what's up???

Too cute!

The little one is growing so darn fast!

Thursday, I had my eye appointment, so the girls were
picked up early.

The doctor's appointment went well.
The good news is I don't have cataracts therefore I don't need
surgery - but I do need much stronger glasses.  I should
be getting the new ones this coming week.
Now, maybe I'll be able to read for longer than 15 minutes
without my eyes burning and tearing up.

Friday was Lorelai's final swimming lesson.

Not wrapped around Ms. Erin's neck -
just leaning over her arm.

She actually did much better.  I don't know if she knew it was
her last lesson, but she didn't cry as much and seemed to
actually enjoy being in the water for the first time.

She still can't "swim" (she only had a week of lessons and those were not five days in a row), but she can "bob" under the water and
then grab the side and "monkey crawl" to the stairs.
She still needs more time to really get it, but
this was a beginning. Plus, she is only two.
We'll continue to work with her and
hopefully, next year, she will be able to
do more than just one week.

This week we have been back on our "normal" schedule.

We spent a lot of mornings outside in the pool.
It is just so hot we can't be outside in the afternoon.
(The temperatures have been 100 degrees or more every single day!)

My sweet, silly girl pouring water on her head.

Then there is my little

Look at those baby blues!

These two keep us hopping all week,
but they have also stolen our hearts.

And nap time is sooooo nice!!!

I am so looking forward to some cooler weather - and I'm 
hoping that will happen in about six weeks.  We should start to
have temperatures in the 80's in September.

There is a sure sign that cooler temperatures are not THAT
far away.
 Next Sunday we'll be looking at some football.
Okay, it's only the Hall of Fame game - but it's a beginning.
The following Thursday is our first Thursday Night Football
broadcast - and yes, it's just pre-season - but it IS football.
That also should mean cooler weather is on the way.

We can only hope, right??

Hope all is going well with you that read this.
Have a super week!

Hugs to all!!!!

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