Friday, November 2, 2012

Another Pinterest Idea

I know - three posts in one week!  Hey, maybe I'm getting my groove back (but lets not bet on it!)

Okay, I have been busy doing some things - believe it or not.  I decided I would share something that we have all seen on Pinterest - it was all the range this past summer.  It seemed like every other post was doing this one single craft.  So, what am I talking about - converting your pictures to an "engineer print" and then mounting it on wood.

Well, when we moved into this "little bitty" house we had a problem in the master bedroom.  The space that we had to put our king size bed meant that the room was "off kilter" - you know, it couldn't line up with the window on the wall.  I thought and thought about how I (we) could fix this without spending a ton on money on curtains.  (I had thought about putting curtains along the whole wall, but that would have cost a FORTUNE! - not really an option.)  

So, what to do?  

Then I remember those posts and thought - why not give it a try.  Every post said the engineer print was really cheap and easy and Mountain Man is really talented.

Here are pictures of the bedroom before we moved in.

The door you see here leads into the living room.
We couldn't put the bed on this wall.

I tried the desk unit - but that just didn't look right so....

The wall to the right is the only wall where we could put the desk unit where it actually was functional.  The wall had the cable hook up and we were able to set up the Internet there - so no bed on this wall.

This left two other walls - the one that I don't have a picture of is the one that has the door way into the bathroom and the walk in closet.
That wouldn't work.

Soooo, that left this wall ------

You would think that this wall would be perfect and that you could set up the bed directly under the window - wrong!  The dimensions of this room was not meant for a king size bed and two night stands.
You have to have room to walk into the bathroom - so what to do???

Ah Haaa!  


Engineering print project.  

Now, I have to admit I didn't 'pin' this project so I can't give credit to the original person who came up with this idea - if you know, please let me know so I can give credit.

So, I went online and ordered a print from Staples - we do not have a Staples in our area, but there is one in Lakeland and I have a son-in-law who works in Lakeland. (insert smiley face here.)

Now, what they don't tell you on Pinterest is, it's not that easy to order an engineering print online - at least, not for me.  Trying to find the right picture that would actually enlarge to the size I wanted was not a piece of cake, but I kept at it till I finally was able to get the picture downloaded.
Justin went the next day after he got off work and picked the print up for me.

Now, I was not sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It really turned out pretty well.

So, the next step was to go to Lowes and get the wood and trim.

Now, while I was pleased with the quality of the print - it still was not the correct size - we had a border of white and that wasn't the look I was going for.  So, while Mountain Man cut the board to size and painted it the wall color, I trimmed the white border off the print.

Off to the garage we went.

Here you can see the print, the board, and the trim - along with the paint and spray adhesive.

Close up of the print.  See all the wood that is showing - well, we have a solution for that.

Lately, this has been my friend.  Seems like every project that I do I need spray adhesive.

Print glued down.

Okay, now I don't have any pictures of the next steps - Mountain Man decided to go out and get everything finished without letting me know.  (Sometimes I think he does that on purpose, so I don't see all his little secrets!)

So, I'll just have to skip to the finished product.

Isn't it great?  
Can you even see the additional board around the picture?

 How about now?

If you look real close on the left bottom corner you can see where the additional board comes down to the window sill.

I really love the self above that I was able to decorate a little.

I can't tell you how much better the room looks now -
yes, we covered up a window.  

But, we really don't need that additional light (these pictures were taken without a flash - so I'm certainly not in the dark).

I'm really happy with the symmetry and the room looks so much better.

Now, I still might make another addition on this wall, but you'll have to wait for that one.

So, what do you think?

Think this solved our problem?

Now, as far as the Pinterest idea - I think that it worked.  You just have to be careful what print you pick - and IF you have a Staples in your town it would probably be easier (and you might even be able to get it to the size that you really want - LOL!)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Hugs -



  1. Great job on bringing it all together and covering up the window in order to make it work is totally smart (meaning nothing I would have come up with ;o)) Will you put the crib for the wee one in there too when she's with you?
    Have a joyful weekend,

    1. Hi Sue - No, actually she has her own room - while this house is "itty bitty", it does have three bedrooms - although the nursery and guest bedroom are only 10 x 10! That isn't that bad for the the nursery, but for the guest room - well, it's a little tight. I'll show some pictures of those rooms soon! Have a fabulous weekend!
      Hugs -

  2. Found you on a link party. This turned out great!


    1. Thanks Tracy - Hope you'll stop by again!
      Hugs -

  3. Carol,
    that was very clever, I would never have thought of that! It looks fabulous! Like the way the print was finished off. Your bedroom looks great.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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