Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh my - winning an award is HARD work!

Woot! Woot!  I was awarded this fabulous award today by Priscilla at Thrifty Crafty Girl today!  I'm so excited -- I have never received an award like this before and it couldn't come at a better time for me.  You need to check Priscilla out - she has some great projects and recipes!

So, here are the rules -

1. Add the award to your blog.
2.  Thank the blogger that gave it to you.
3. Mention seven random things about yourself. (see below)
4.  List the rules.
5.  Award to 15 bloggers.
6.  Notify the 15 of the award by leaving a comment on their blog.

Okay - so let's begin.

1.  Add the award to your blog  - did that (see above)

2.  Thanks the blogger that gave it to you - heh, Priscilla - thanks so much, I'm super excited!

3.  Mention seven random things about yourself.  Well, that is a little bit of a chore, but here we go -

 I'm cheap - I hate buying anything at full price - in fact, I won't buy clothes for myself if it isn't on sale!  (I will buy for Mountain Man - but then we don't find his size on sale very often - can we say BIG GUY!)

I don't like chocolate - I know, I'm really weird, but I have never been a sweet eater.  When I was a kid I didn't even want a birthday cake - made it rough when it came to parties. 

While I may not eat chocolate or even like sweets - that does NOT include doughnuts - I LOVE doughnuts - especially glazed from Publix.  I grew up on them and they are the "bestest" things in the whole wide world!

I'm a huge Trekie - I love me some Star Trek - I have every movie on DVD and even will watch reruns on TV.  Spock is just the best!  My favorite Star Trek movie is The Search for Spock. 

I have four daughters - two of my own and two step-daughters which are four years apart in age - Dana and Cara (step-daughters) and Crystal and Melissa (birth daughters). 

I love NCIS - the entire cast is GREAT!  I love Mark Harmon, and Abby - but the entire cast is wonderful!

I'm the sole caregiver for my mom - my dad passed away from colon cancer  about 20 years ago and my brother passed away almost 2 years ago.  So, I'm it.

Okay, that is seven random things - maybe that gives you a little more insight into "me" - but then again, maybe not.

4. List the rules.  Did that (see above).

5.  Award to 15 other bloggers.  Okay - here goes.

1.)  There is Ritajoy over at Harbour Breeze.  She does the most adorable signs.  You really need to check her out.

2.)  Kassi and Kayli at Truly Lovely are two sisters that are as "thrifty" as I am.  Really!

3.) Amanda at The Ivy Cottage did the most amazing craft room - I am so  jealous!

4.) Katie at  Little Things Brings Smiles just went on an amazing trip to Iceland with her husband.  I was blown away by the beautiful pictures, and you will be too!

5.)  Shelley at The House of Smiths does some amazing DIY projects with the help of her dad and hubby (look at the hall closet she transformed), but right now she is doing a little more personal DIY on herself.

6.) Whitney and her husband, over at The Rooster and Hen do awe inspiring work on their house.   Whitney is a wiz with paint and the peacock wall mural she did in the guest (kids) bathroom - well, you just won't believe it.

7.) Nicole at Thrify Decorating hooked me at the name of her blog - just gotta love someone who is "thrifty" while decorating!

8.)  Abbie at 5 Days 5 Ways has a very interesting blog - and the name says it all - check out her "thrifted or gifted" post today - can I just say I wish I had a Goodwill store in my town like she has!

9.)  Stephanie at Lovely Little Snippets makes the cutes little craft projects - just love her wreath that she posted - will bring spring to anyone's door!

10.)  Suzy at Joy is at Home is blogging about all the stages of her pregancy.  I guess I'm drawn to her blog because my youngest daughter is also pregnant.  You gotta check out her 4D ultra sound pictures she has posted.  Sweet baby!  Shhh - don't tell anyone, but I think she is having a sweet little girl (she hasn't announced the baby gender yet!).

11.) Anna at Ask Anna gives some great advice and comes up with things that I would never have thought of - Vinegar in the Garden,  really????

12.) Tonia at The Gunny Sack does some amazing Linky Parties.  I think this was the very first party I ever joined.  (She also does other amazing posts, but I really enjoy "linking" up at her parties!)

13.) Jen at At Home in the Northwest also had me hooked with her photography.  Mountain Man and I absolutely LOVE the Northwest and would love to live in that part of the country.  Please go over and check out her beautiful home and decorating touches.

14.)  Christie at Christie's Crazy Life does some great menu planning - if you are into saving money at the grocery store, you really need to check out Christie's blog.


15.) Liz at Here's to Handy Andy is one "Handy Andy".  If you like DIY you need to check  her out!

WOW!!!  That was really hard to do!  These are really all great blogs and I hope you check all of them out!

6.  Notify all 15 bloggers of their award!  Well, I'm off to do that!  I hope that they will be as excited about this award as I was!

Hugs -



  1. THANK YOU Carol!!! :) We are honored to be among your awardees! I'm cheap too... I feel so guilty paying full price for anything! And NCIS.... LOVE it!!!

  2. Hope you enjoy the award!
    Hugs -

  3. Congrats! And thank you!! I am the same way with clothes...or anything actually. I'm all about the sales!! :)

    1. You're more than welcome Liz - hope you enjoy!
      Hugs -

  4. Oh My I took to long to prepare my post but here you are winning again! But this is not hard. I am just wishing to let you know that I chose you as one of my recipients for the Liebster Blog Award!! I have so enjoyed following your blog. You can see the post here.

    Have fun making your post and passing it on!


    1. Thanks Evelyn -
      I did my post and I appreciate the award!

  5. Thanks so very much for the award! I already received and posted about the award so I won't do it again but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you choosing me!

    1. Thanks Tonia - Well, isn't that great - two awards from two different people! Who would have guessed!
      Well, you deserve it!
      Hugs -


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