Saturday, October 29, 2011

We're here!

This past week has been somewhat busy with Dan's nephew here.  I can't really say that we were on the go all the time, because we weren't, but we certainly seemed to be busy all the time.  I did do laundry one day - but that doesn't take all day long and we did go into Sebring one day, but other than that we really just hung around the house the whole week. (Which was really good for Dan - he needed to take it easy)

Friday we had the kids over for dinner and they were able to meet Dale.  We had a nice visit before they went home to relax from their week at work.  Melissa brought some papers for me to grade for her - I have been trying to help her out with grading papers so she doesn't get so far behind - but I didn't get a chance to grade them until today.  However, I did get them done and delivered to her house this afternoon.  (In my defense - she did tell me that there was no rush on getting them graded.)

Dan and I went to a couple of garage sales today - I didn't buy that much - a leather wrapped picture frame from Crate and Barrel ($3) and a couple of canisters for fifteen cents each.  I'm just the last of the big spenders!  Dan and I enjoy going to the garage sales but most of the time we don't buy anything.  We still haven't had ours yet - but we will need to have it pretty soon - maybe in the next couple of weeks.  I do want to have it before Thanksgiving.  Of course, next week looks like we might be a little busy, but I might be able to fit getting the garage sale stuff ready.

Tuesday Dan and I will be going back to Lakeland to Cardiac Rehab.  I am not sure what they are going to tell us - but I am sure that they will be setting him up on an exercise program of some kind.  We will not be able to go to Watson Clinic every day like some people do after the procedure - but they should be able to set him up with a program that we can follow here at home.  We did walk a little this week and Dan has done a little more than he has been  (like changing a tire on the camper) but he still doesn't feel "normal".  We will see the doctor on the 15th so I will be anxious to see what he says.  I'm sure everything will work out just fine, but I will be glad when I know that he is all better!

It looks like we will be having Thanksgiving at our house again this year which is fine with us - we enjoy having everyone here at the house.  Plus, I will be able to keep an eye on the amount of salt the Dan takes in IF I cook the food (you know what I mean?)!  Anyway, it is something that we will be working all the details out in the next couple of weeks - I'll keep you posted on how things go.

Well, I think that I will close of now - I think that I will be able to post a little more frequently now and I will keep everyone up to date on Dan's exercise program!  I hope that you are having a relaxing weekend - enjoy your football (I know that we do!)  Take care and I'll talk to you soon!!!

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