Sunday, October 30, 2011


I have been told that confessions are good for the soul - so here goes.  Sometimes, when I read other blogs, I get discouraged and think that I should just give up and stop blogging.  I mean, I don't have an interesting life - I don't live on a ranch in Oklahoma, I don't have 6 small kids, I don't have some hidden talent that I can regal you with.  I am just an ordinary 59 year old female who lives in a VERY small town in south Florida.  I don't have a special talent  - although I love photography - I'm not a professional; although I love to read - I'm not a book reviewer; although I love to scrapbook - I certainly haven't had any pages in magazines- you get the picture here.  Please, don't think that I am fishing for compliments - I'm not - I'm being honest with you as well as myself. 

In the past, I've tried to be witty on my blog, but - for the most part - that just isn't me.  So, I just write from my heart.  I try and tell you, the readers that I have, what my life is like.  Some days, or weeks, are more exciting than others.  I will have to admit that while Dan and I were on the road things were more exciting than our life here in Lake Placid.  We are boring right now - that is not a nice thing to say about yourself, but it is true.  How do I know?  Well, the most exciting thing we did last week was go to some garage sales in the "gated" community that we had never been in before yesterday - pretty sad, huh?  But, sad or not, that is the truth.

So what has brought on this moment of self reflection and confessions?  Well, I have been reading some other blogs this past month - as part of a "31 day challenge".  I wasn't brave enough to take part in the challenge - I didn't  think that I had any subject I could write about for 31 straight days that other people would be interested in.  I mean I have trouble sometimes writing once a week, how could I come up with something to write about EVERY DAY FOR 31 DAYS???  I have to tell you that several of the blogs that I read were very interesting and I will continue to follow these (and I hope that they might read mine from time to time).  However, one of the things that I found out from reading these other blogs was - I COULD have done the 31 day challenge.  Some of the blogs I read were not that much- I mean, their posts might be a paragraph long and a stock picture.  Even I could have done that -

I mean, I could have written about trying to adapt recipes to a low sodium diet -

or the ups and downs of remodeling a house -

something like that. 

I could even have written about how to organize your house -

or about decorating -

There are things that I could have written about.

So, what is the point of this post?  Yes, I get discouraged when I see the amount of readers that some blogs have - and I get discouraged when I sit down to this computer and I can't think of anything to write about.  I also get discouraged when I look at a post and I see a "0" under comments (yes, I do look - every day!).  But you know what?  I have decided that, whether anyone reads my posts or not, I'm still going to write.  Whether my life is boring or not, I'm still going to write.  I might write one paragraph or, like today, I might write a small book.  Some days I might have pictures and other days I won't.  Do I hope to have people read and leave comments - you betcha (it is nice to know that someone out there is interested)- but will I stop writing because I don't get comments - nope.

So, here's to my boring life.  I hope it gets more interesting - in the fact that I hope Dan and I are able to start traveling some in the VERY near future - but if we don't I'm sure that God has some plan for us - we just have to be open to what ever that is. 

So, that is my confession.  You know what, people are right - it is good for the soul.  I feel so much better!


  1. Carol,
    I don't post often for the very same reasons.
    Yes, we now travel more than you & Dan, but we sit for months on end, too.
    Hang in there.

  2. I have been in your shoes. Each summer Mary and I take an extended trip. During this trip, I send out about 50 emails to friends detailing the events of the day. I even include pictures if available. I don't get a lot of replies, but I know they are read. When we return home, many people talk to me about things I emailed about. It makes it interesting. Besides, after I get home, I edit my postings and print them off and save them in a loose binder. Maybe the grandkids might read them one day. Keep up the good work. I envy you your talents.

  3. Carol, I always keep up with your blog...and I enjoy reading it. It doesn't have to be witty or funny or even exciting; I just enjoy reading about what two very nice people that I care about are doing. I couldn't write half as good as you do and my life is certainly not exciting or interesting.'s a good life and sometimes I think it is much better to be boring than perhaps having lots of drama!
    Linda (and Darrell)


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