Friday, October 21, 2011

Grocery Shopping Wiped Dan Out!

Yesterday was the first day that Dan really got out of the house since he came home from the hospital.  He was going nuts in the house and wanted to go to town and "do some shopping".  Since I needed to go to the grocery store I figured that we would do that little trip together.  Thought it would do him good to get out and get a little exercise.  I guess what we both forgot was - he had not done much of anything in over two weeks!

We started out by going to the storage unit and dropping off some things from the camper.  Then we went over to my mom's to check on her (and to get the pups out too, because when we said we were "going" they went tearing out of the house and up to the truck barking and carrying on so we just couldn't leave them behind!).  We stayed at her house for about an hour then came back home and dropped the pups off before heading out again to Sebring.

Our first stop in Sebring was at Lowe's - we wanted to check on some shelving for the garage.  We have talked about doing some additional shelving out there, but after seeing the price of those cheap plastic shelves - I think we will wait a while!  We walked around a little while and looked at some other things - it had been so long since we had been in a store we were both a little surprised to see all the Christmas stuff out.  We looked at the Christmas trees, but we don't need one - we already have one that is just fine.

After leaving Lowe's (with only one small purchase of $15.00) it was off to Walmart for the groceries.  We had some things that we really needed - like milk, eggs, and OJ and then some things that we knew that we would need before the end of next week - like coffee and then some things we knew the price was going up on and we needed to pick up before it went sky high - like peanut butter.  Anyway, we ended up getting more meat than I thought we would get - but we did stay out of the center aisles (that's were all the processed stuff is) and we did get out for less than $150.00.  That is really pretty good for us and we did buy a lot of meat - including a turkey. 

One of the things that I am really trying to do is trying to only buy things that we really need - or stuff that is on sale.  For example, I knew that we would be needing coffee in the next week to week and a half - and Walgreen's has Folgers coffee on sale this week for $7.98 - there was also $1.00 off coupon in the Sunday paper.  Well, the Walmart here in Sebring will price match (even if you don't have the ad) plus they took the coupon so the coffee that they usually charge $9.48 for I got for $6.98 - $3.00 off!  I think that is a pretty good deal.  The cashier told me that this Walmart will price match EVERYTHING - including BOGO deals!  I had NO idea!  So, why would you run all over town trying to get all these deals when all you have to do is take the circulars with you to Walmart and they will price match what ever is in the paper?  That will solve a lot of my problems - so unless there is something I just have to have and I don't want to go 30 miles to the Walmart store - that is what I am going to do from now on.  Even if I do the run once a week - I think it will still save me money - ESPECIALLY if we stay out of the rest of the store (like we did yesterday!).

Anyway, the point of the blog was this - when we got home from the grocery store - Dan was whipped.  He sat down in his chair and went hard and fast asleep,. plus he went to bed at 9 o'clock last night.  He realized that he has to go at this slowly - and that he can't just jump up and be back at doing things the way he was doing things before.  Today, he is taking it easy again.  His nephew is due in this afternoon and we are going to grill tonight along with the kids coming over.  Should be a good time!

Hope you all had a good week - and I'll talk to you soon!



  1. Y'all have been on my mind. Tell Dan we're surely glad he's on the mend and hope he never has to go through that again. Darrell had a stent the day after his last day of work. It's been almost 8 years now and he's not had any more problems. He still takes Plavix each day. We're at the cabin again this month. The leaves are at their peak and just gorgeous. Wish you could take a little trip up to visit us!

  2. Linda - Wish we could come up too! We were planning some camping trips - in fact, we had just bought a new camper and were all set to go to a Florida State Park on Thursday when we got the call to go to the doctor on Friday - and then the rest is history. We are looking forward to doing some traveling after Dan gets over this little "bump in the road". Take care and tell Darrell hello for us!


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