Sunday, April 24, 2011

Packing - AGAIN!

Okay, I thought I said that I didn't want to move again. No, don't worry, we aren't moving, but we are having to pack up everything in the whole house like we are moving, because when we do actually get started on the remodeling the entire house house has to be empty. Everything has to be packed up and moved into a storage unit - - or at least somewhere out of the house. We are saying that we might not move the beds out - just put them in the middle of the rooms and cover them with plastic, but they are going to have to go somewhere when we do the floors. So, I don't know what we will do there yet. Anyway, I have started the packing process and I am NOT happy about it; however, I know that it is a step in the direction that we want to go in. This is one of the steps that has to be taken before the actual work can begin and we have made a pretty good dent into it. We are going to put most of the kitchen in the garage instead of the storage unit, but we still have to empty all the cabinets. I know that it is going to be a lot of work, but it will all be worth it when it is all finished in about two to three months.

We have not started on the actual remodeling project yet, we are still waiting on the bank to get their act together - - the branch here in Lake Placid says they don't understand what the hold up is - we have signed all the paperwork that we need to so far -- we are just waiting on the bank to order an appraisal (which we don't understand why we need - the original appraisal we had done when we bought the house will cover the amount of the loan that we want, but you know how bank are). Anyway, it has been three weeks since we have signed the original paperwork and were told that we would close on the loan in a week. The branch manager called us Friday and wanted to know if we had heard from the appraiser yet, and when I told her no she almost had a fit - so I think we will hear something next week as she said she would find out what the hold up is. We shall see.

The kitchen has been delivered and Dan and I went through all the boxes and found that we were short an few items. I called the Orlando IKEA store and talked to them and thought I might get a run around on getting the pieces that we were missing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did they not give me a hard time they will be delivering the missing cabinets on Wednesday of this coming week. Dan and I have been very impressed with the service from the IKEA store and the delivery department.

We went out yesterday looking for different things for the house yesterday - - we still have to decide on tile and floor coverings. I think that we have found the tile for the bathrooms and we did buy the bathroom vanity for the master bathroom - - and it came in under budget (yeah!). I think that the tile will come in under budget also -- and the kitchen was under budget as well as the granite counter tops. So far, we are doing well - but you know how things go -- I am sure that something is going to cost more than was originally planned and I hope that by being under on some of these under areas that it will all work out.

I think that we have also found the chairs for in front of the fireplace and I think we have decided that we are going to do a recliner for Dan and a chair for me that is called a "Push over chair" instead of doing a sectional in the Great room. Then do a couple of accent chairs for guests. At least that is the plan this week - - but we still have time to change our minds again, but I don't think we will - Dan really wants a recliner and the size of the Great Room just will not fit a recliner for him (he just can't have a "regular" size recliner) and a couch and a chair for me. So, we shall see. I have picked out the upholstery material for "my" chair (Dan's recliner will be leather) and the upholstery for the chairs for the fireplace. Still looking for material for drapes for the dining room, but I know what blinds I'm going to put in there. We still have to decide on the furniture for the bedroom -- we haven't agreed on anything yet, but we will get there. We have found the dining room furniture and we have the bar stools for the kitchen island.

We also have to decide when we are going to have a "garage" sale and get rid of the furniture we have now that we are not going to keep -- like the breakfast nook table and chairs - - the chair and a half that I use as "my" chair now - the TV stand and coffee table that our kids gave us as well as a baker's rack that is in the Dining room now. All that will probably be done AFTER the project is complete because I just can't imagine having time to do it now - plus we might have some other stuff that we will want to get sell. I just hope to get the project going soon!

Well, one other thing before I sign off (and I will try and do better about blogging). I had a pretty good health scare last week - in fact, I didn't work last Friday afternoon and had to go back to Lakeland for more tests on Monday, but everything turned out to be okay -- The tests came back that I am fine. I will say that I was pretty scared last weekend, but thank the good Lord all is okay. Now, I won't mention it again.

I wish you all a very happy Easter!! Hope you all have a good week - 32 more school days (6 weeks). I think that I can make that. Take care and I'll talk to you next week!


  1. Where are you going to stay during this project? See how handy that 5th wheel would have been for just an occasion like this! I know it's a lot of work and hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. I have a hard time envisioning stuff like that so I'm anxious to see the pictures!

  2. We will be staying with our youngest daughter and son-in-law who live about a mile away. That will be convenient so we will be able to check on the work every day. It should be "exciting"!


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