Sunday, May 1, 2011

Doing More Packing

Well, Dan and I are trying to get some more packing done this weekend - after spending yesterday back in Sebring looking at furniture. We just can't seem to find what we want for the living room. We have decided that we are going to just have chairs (no couch/sofa), but we can't find the chairs that we can agree on. Well, that isn't exactly true. We can find stuff that we like, but then we can't find upholstry material that we like.

We have decided, and have found and agreed on, Dan's leather recliner. Now, we are leaning toward me gettting a recliner also instead of the "push-over" chair that I talked about last weekend. Why you might ask. Well, because of the ottoman. We just don't want to take up the additional floor space that an ottoman will consume - so we are going toward a recliner. I found one that I like yesterday, but I can't find an upholstry material that I'm sold on yet, but by the time we agreed on the recliner, we had another appointment we had to go to and I really didn't have time to go through all the material choices. So, that will be another day. Maybe, NEXT Saturday.

Today, I started packing up my closet and the bathroom cabinets. We took some things that we had of my mom's over to her - so that is out of the house. I am also trying to get the laundry done. Just doing all the little things along with the "big" things.

The appraiser finally came last week - and the bank called us on Friday and said that everything had been approved - we will sign the final papers on the loan on Tuesday of this coming week - they have to give you three days to change your mind with no penalty - so after that is done then we will just need to get on the schedule of the contractor. I am hoping that this time next week I will be talking about them knocking down walls and getting ready to put up stud walls again. We shall see.

Dan will call Mark (the contractor) on Monday and let him know that we are closing on Tuesday and then we will get the start date. Looks like I will be moving in with our daughter next weekend also - things will be a little busy around here for the next few weeks, but that's okay. We will need to go by the place where we are getting the bathroom vanity for the guest bathroom and get that ordered next week - and let them know that we have decided on the granite countertops for the kitchen. Oh, which reminds me - IKEA delivered the missing parts of the kitchen Wednesday - so we have all the kitchen now in the garage.

Dan and I are going to take the boxes that we already have boxed up over to the storage room this afternoon - after he gets up from his nap. I need to see if we have any more boxes over there - and pick up some suitcases (might as well use them to pack up the clothes in - instead of boxes). You have to store them anyway - they might as well have stuff in them - right?

I have 27 days before the end of the school year (that is school days - not calendar days) - then Melissa and I have the workshop for four days the middle of June. Then it will be operation "Decorate", because I would hope that the construction part of this project will be complete. I am hoping (you notice, I said hoping) that Dan will be able to do all the painting while I am gone to Leesburg for the week long workshop. Right now we plan on ordering the blinds for the dining room and the big window in our bedroom the first week in June - that should put them here just about the time things are finishing up and we should be able to get them put in right away. The blinds for the kitchen and the guest bedroom are stock and we can buy them right off the shelf. I know that we won't have ALL the decorating done right away - we will be "tweaking" things for awhile, but it will be nice to have the majority of the decorating done by the end of the summer - at least - that's the plan.

We have been talking alot about where we were this time last year - what with the all the bad weather that has been happening in the US. This week, last year we were in Sam A Baker State Park in Missouri - right outside Popular Bluff - where it is now flooded. The campground is under water. Dan has a cousin that lives close to the campground and she sent up pictures of the park - it is amazing. Then there is all the damage that has been caused by the tornades - all those families are in our prayers as they try to rebuild their lives - keep all these families in your thoughts. There is so much heartache out there - and we take so much for granted.

I will close for this week - the clothes dryer is calling me. You guys take care - and I'll talk to you next week.


  1. You just moved out of a 5th wheel! Where did all this stuff come from already? Good luck with the packing, storage, remodeling, etc. I'm tired just reading about it. It's fun to follow as long as I don't have to do it.

  2. We had put things in storage when we moved into the 5th wheel - things we couldn't get rid of - and of course we have bought some things - towels, sheets, dishes, pots and pans etc. Plus there is all the stuff we had in the 5th wheel. However, it is really amazing how quickly we can accumulate stuff. I'm looking forward to getting everything done!


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