Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I finally got an item knocked off my "to do" list.  I have had a cardboard box FULL of old paperwork that needed to be shredded for probably close to five years.  I just didn't have a shredder (should I admit that????).  Anyway, the one I used to have before we hit the road full time quit working and we threw it away.  I did take some things (a box of stuff) to the credit union down south an they shredded it for us.  But I had a lot of things - like old credit card statements that I had been saying we needed to shred but never did.

Well, I finally ordered a new shredder from Amazon last week and it came on Wednesday.  I spent the next three days getting it all shredded - 11 garbage bags of shredding!
I really took my time as I didn't want to burn up the new shredder.

It's done and I don't have to worry about it anymore!

We are working on a few little things around here  - when it isn't too hot to get outside.  (the temperature yesterday was 105 - that's HOT!!!!)  Dan is helping a friend pour concrete in his pergola area and now he is hot to trot to get our pergola built.  I think I might have convinced him that we do not need a 12 X 25 foot pergola, but I'm not sure.  A 12 X 12 or 14 X 14 would be big enough.  We shall see who wins.

I took mom to Gainesville yesterday for her checkup with her surgeon.  It was not a good day - she is getting much more combative when something happens that she doesn't understand or she feels like things aren't going the way she thinks they should.  She was very argumentative with the surgeon yesterday and didn't like it if he and I talked and she couldn't hear what we were saying.  He suggested that she see a gerontologist but she is not having that.  She is already refusing to see the oncologist which really isn't a big deal since he really hasn't done anything anyway.  Anyway, she was mad and upset with me and the doctor about all day yesterday.  However, today Dan and I went over to take out the satellite dish from her yard and she was all smiles.  Oh well, just something I will have to figure out.  (Don't want to complain on line, but I need to document somewhere).

Dan got his new log holder for the patio area - now we just need to go buy a truck load of wood so we will be ready when the weather DOES finally decide to cool off.  We figure that the wood will be cheaper now, while it's hot then it will be when the weather gets cooler.  We'll probably do that this weekend.

I have a pot roast in the crock pot for dinner tonight - and things are pretty quiet today.

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