Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Just a really quick post to show the flowers beside the garage.  Dan and I put these together last week and they sure make the front of the house look better, but then moving the garbage cans from the front of the house made the house look better - LOL!

The yard is starting to look a little better - one step at a time.

This is cabinet Dan made for a friends apartment.  The bathroom was redone and she lost some storage space.  So, Dan made this for her bathroom to put towels on.  He is so talented (but don't tell him I said that - LOL!)

Oh, and you get to see the dirty garage! 

Today we went down and got Dan a new debit card with a chip in it - we still haven't decided if we are going to stop using the debit card or not.  We shall see.

Also went by Mom's this morning and talked to her about displaying her quilts in October - we are going to have to go through them and cut down on the amount she has out to display - she must have over a hundred quilts and wall hangings that she has done.  We'll see how many we are actually able to hang.

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