Monday, August 1, 2016


  On Friday I said that Dan was working on a couple of projects that I hoped I'd be able to share today.  Well, I can!  Dan worked really hard all day Saturday and got the project finished, painted, and installed.  Then I spent Saturday evening doing my thing - you know, the pretty stuff.

Let's go back and look at the pictures of the family room on Friday.

Do you notice anything with the windows?  No???  Well, you wouldn't.  They were very unfinished.

Now, let's look at today.

 See the shelves???  Yep, Dan built the shelves for me this weekend and I think they look pretty awesome.

We have ordered some curtains that we hope will be in this week that will change this area even more.  I think it will be the finishing touch for these windows.  Anyway, I am so happy with the shelves.  I still need to "tweak" the left side of the shelf on the picture above.  Not real happy with the way it looks - but I'll work on it. 

Plus, we were able to get rid of another box from the garage!  Yes!!!!

We also worked on one other area.

Back to Friday's pictures.

 This is the breakfast nook/coffee bar area.  I'm sure you were wondering about that big blank wall staring at you.  Well, I knew what I wanted there the whole time and we were able to install them Friday.

I had always envisioned big chunky floating shelves here.  Dan kept trying to figure out how he was going to create my idea.  Well, I was looking in the IKEA catalogue to show him the shelves and we discovered we could order the shelves that I liked cheaper than it would cost Dan for the lumber - not counting his time.  So - what does it look like?? 

 Here they are!
Now, if Dan had made them they might be a little bit thicker - but I think they look awesome.

Here's a close up for you.
The faux pine cone is just a space saver for now - I am going to do a chalkboard there but I just needed something to fill the space for a little while.  Almost everything else on the shelves are antiques.  The lantern on the top shelf was Dan's grandfathers, the bowl on the bottom shelf I got at an auction when we lived in North Carolina - it is filled with antique butter molds and I have my antique coffee mill that I also got at an auction.  Then there is my antique dough bowl in the corner.  Things are starting to take shape.

What else did we do last week?  Monday night I watched the Bachelorette on TV - this is probably the one show that Dan and I don't watch together.  I go into the bedroom on Monday night and watch it while Dan watches something else in the family room.  I think this week might be the final episode, but I'm not sure.  I like the girl this time and I wish her the best. 

Tuesday we went to an ice cream social here in the Village for the residents of River Woods (the private home owners).  I don't know if I have ever said what all is here in the Village as far a housing is concerned.  We have apartments that are rentals (duplexes, some triplexes, two HUD apartment "high rises" - one is three stories and the other is five - , and a few rental houses), there is a mobile home park (the residents there own their mobile home, but rent the lot), an assisted living facility, and a nursing home along with the private home "subdivision" called River Woods which is where we live.  Here in River Woods we own our house and land - we can sell whenever we want or we can leave our home to our family upon our deaths (you just have to be at least 55 to live here).

Wednesday we went to the grocery store and Lowes to pick up a few things - like the lumber for Dan to make my shelves.  We also got a couple of plants and planters for that area by the garage door.

Here they are before I got them planted.

There is one on each side of the garage door.

Thursday we had our friends Bud and Joyce down for dinner - nothing fancy - baked spaghetti, salad, and bread.

Friday we worked on the shelves.
Saturday I did laundry while Dan worked on the family room shelves.

Then came Sunday -
Actually I guess the first clue was Saturday - I had gone online to set up some E-payments and I noticed a deduction that I didn't know what it was - just a very small amount, but it just looked fishy.  Of course, our bank is not open on the weekend, so I wrote everything down and told Dan I would go to the bank Monday and check on it.  Well, Sunday I get a phone call from the fraud alert system at our bank about "suspicious" activity.  I call and sure enough someone had cloned my debit card and was using it in Orlando.  None of the hits were large amounts but they cancelled my card and told me to go to the bank today to get a new card and "dispute" the debits so we could get our money back.  I was at the bank this morning by 9:30, we have our money back, and I have a new debit card (this one has the chip in it - the old one didn't).  I really don't understand how the cloning of the card works - they didn't have my card- but they were using it as a "charge" card so you didn't need to have the pin, but it still is deducted from our checking account.  We have no idea how or where this happened - I  NEVER use the debit card online - but it happened at some store.  We usually only shop with it at WalMart, Lowes, or the local Village grocer so we are somewhat at a loss of how, but anyway now we have to decide if we want to continue to use the debit card or start using a credit card and paying it off every time we use it.  With the chip in the debit card it might be okay - I don't know - we'll have to make a decision on that.  I'm just thankful that I noticed it and the fraud alert team were on the ball and cancelled the card before any big charges were made.

Well, that just about does it.  Three posts in less than a week.  A new record!  Hopefully, I can continue to post regularly but I don't know what I'll write about.  We'll see! 

Have a great day!

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