Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Walls gone

Walls are down -
plumbing and electrical
is being roughed in.

The above picture shows you
just how small the
kitchen was.

It is still going to be small but
after walking in the house
and seeing it all open
the design of the kitchen changed.

I'm excited that it will not be closed in
and we worked with the
cabinet man to
come up with a new 
kitchen design that will allow the
kitchen to stay open.

 Soon to be dining room and
laundry room.
The temporary wall is in the doorway of 
the new family room.

Another one of the dining and laundry room
from a different angle.
Looking out into the garage.

Taking the old bathtub out of 
the master bathroom.

Another shot of the kitchen.
The guest bathroom is in the background.

 Things have changed since these pictures were 

I'll save them for another post -

Hopefully, Friday.

Until then -


  1. I love open concept kitchens, great that you could leave it once the walls where removed. How long is the remodel supposed to take? Hugs,

    1. We have been told that we should be back in the house the week after Mother's Day - so sometime during the week of May 9th - 13th. We shall see.
      Hugs my friend!


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