Monday, March 21, 2016

Moving along

Well, I didn't get over to do a post
this weekend -

that doesn't mean I wasn't here.

Dan and I worked on getting the old laminate
flooring out of the kitchen and both 

Dan uses a roofing shovel to get the corner up
and then I pull up the flooring.

To say that I am sore would be
I have used muscles I didn't even
know I had -
and we still have the rest of the house
to do -
both bedrooms,
living room, dining room,
laundry room, office,
 and two hallways!

Oh my!!!!

We have decided that we will work about an hour
every afternoon after the guys leave
and we hope to be able to get
 it all done in a week.

We shall see.

I realized that I haven't posted 
many pictures so - 
I'll show you some of the 
guys setting the
on the family room and
These are from a couple of 
weeks ago -
we are a lot further
along now.

Dan helping out - getting the
trusses attached
to the fork lift.

So much has changed since these photos, 
but I'll save them
for a later

Maybe (???) tomorrow.


  1. Hi Carol! You must be thrilled to see the progress after waiting for so long. It looks like you have lots of trees on your property, it will be so beautiful soon when everything turns green again. I am looking forward to more pictures and updates. Happy Easter to you and Dan my friend! Hugs, Sue

    1. We are super excited to get all this done and are looking forward to getting everything complete. Of course, I look forward to getting to the decorating part - LOL! Happy Easter to you and yours - Spring might have finally arrived and the pollen is playing havoc with my allergies! Take care my friend!

    2. Not much Spring here, you could always flee North if the allergies get to bad ;).

    3. Someday I just might surprise you and show up on your doorstep! :-)


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