Thursday, March 17, 2016

Moving along

Well, it's been seventeen days since I
last posted.

How can that be possible????

Well, part of the reason is we have moved out of the house
due to the remodeling process -

I mean, when you have no walls, no kitchen, 
and no bathroom it's a little hard
to live in the house.

The issue is - the house is the only place
I have internet -

so, unless I come over and have some
extra time -
no post.

This post will be short and sweet -

The walls are down -
the family room is "dryed"  in -
installing the fireplace today.

The electrician has been here the last couple of
days doing his rough in.

The plumber has done his rough in
except he has to come
back and install my shower.

Things are moving along -

I'll try and get over on the
weekend and
do a longer post with pictures -

but for now - I gotta run.

Hope you are having a great 
St. Patrick's Day!

Talk to you soon!!!!

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