Monday, January 25, 2016


Well, another week has come and gone and nothing has
happened here.

I had such high hopes that we would finally get to meet
with the contractor and do the final revisions
before the actual construction begins.
That just hasn't happened.

Dan said this morning that if we didn't hear from them
he would call tomorrow and make an 
We shall see.

This morning the county came out and
marked there all the 
electrical and Internet lines
The village is suppose to come
and dig up the two big
Sago Palms at the end of the
driveway and start
cleaning the fence row.
Maybe that will happen this week?????

We have had our coldest temperatures so far this 
winter this past week - the east coast was
hit with a major snow storm with over
two feet of snow.
My daughter, who lives in Nashville, also was
hit with some big snow - close to a foot and a half.
That's big snow for Nashville proper.

We had below freezing temperatures three nights -
but we are suppose to warm up to the 70's tomorrow
before our next cold snap hits.

Dan and I didn't have any coats for this cold weather - but while loading the boxes stored in my office closet we found a box with
some of our coats in it.
So, at least we'll have something to wear when this
next cold snap comes.

I also decided to come down with a cold last week.
Monday I had a scratchy throat and by Tuesday I was
congested and couldn't talk.  Ahhh, the joys of my
having a cold.  I am feeling somewhat better today and
think that the worst is over.

Wednesday evening we will be getting the
girls for a couple of days!
They should be here after dinner and
we'll have them Wednesday night,
Thursday night, and then their mom will be
back on Friday.  I'm not sure if they will stay here
Friday night or if Melissa will head back down to Lake Placid.
So, that should be an interesting couple of days.
(Of course, this will be when the contractor wants
to get started - he'll just have to wait.)

Well, that's about it.

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  1. With this up and down temperatures it's no wonder you got sick, hope you feel better soon! Hope you heard from your contractor and the town showed up for the palms (your equivalent to our dying maple ;)) Have fun with the girls! Hugs!


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