Thursday, February 25, 2016

An Update

Hello out there!

Yes, I've been AWOL again -
but, if you are my friend on Facebook
you know why.

For those of you that aren't - 
I've had pneumonia.

It has really knocked me on my backside
for almost a month now.
I am happy to say that I am
on the mend and am
feeling better
every day.

The doctor has said that it could
take as long a four to six
months to be back
to my "normal"
(whatever "normal" is).

Anyway, I am feeling better 
so I thought I would update you on 
what's going on around here.

The construction has FINALLY

The old family room has been
torn off - the old carport
has been demolished.

The new concrete has been poured for 
the family room and the
back porch.

The front yard is a disaster as
trees and shrubbery has
been torn out of the ground
and the concrete from
the carport is gone.

So, where are the pictures you ask?
On my phone!
I don't know how to transfer pictures from
my phone to the blog, so
hopefully, this weekend 
(or sooner)
I will
get out back and take some
pictures on my DSLR camera so I 
can download them
for you to see.

Other than disconnecting the hot water heater
and putting up a false wall
(where the old family room was)
nothing has happened inside
the house yet.

Yep, we are living without hot water -
and we will probably move over to the
camper next weekend.
(We have been going to the campground
to take showers - LOL!)

I have not been able to 
pack up anything -
but since I am feeling better -
I am hoping to get that started/finished
next week.

A little at a time.

So, just wanted to check in and let you know
what is going on.

Maybe I can get some pictures up
for you to see

Check back and see.


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  1. Hi Carol, thanks so much for commenting on Lifestyle Fifty yesterday. It's great to connect with another 'Boomer Blogger'. I hope you are feeling better and look forward to keeping in touch via the blogs. Good luck with the renovations.


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