Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What has been going on??


Has it really been almost three weeks since I posted the last time?
So much has been going on - from keeping the 
little ones to working on stuff here
at the house.

Plus, Dan has hurt his knee and his back.
He has been going to the chiropractor every couple of days
(he is there now) and his back is better but
he is still having issues with his knee.

He also went to get his eyes checked yesterday and
found out that he has to have cataract surgery - 
to say that he is not a happy camper is a
major understatement! (I go to have my
eyes checked in July- I'm pretty sure that
I am going to need new glasses since it's been almost 10 years
since I had my eyes checked - YIKES!!!.)

Now, that all our medical issues have been
discussed let's talk about things better things.

Dan really worked hard on the pergola
before he hurt his back.

All the lattice is screwed down and ready for the
baby to play again outside
(now, if the rain storms would allow her
to go outside and it wasn't so
very hot!)

This picture was taken while he was working on the
plantings and the step.   As you can see
he didn't have everything painted
yet, but it is done now.

You can also see the garage sale find that
we picked up for Lorelai.
The playhouse does have a roof - we
had just painted it -
(we are going to paint the entire
house and make it really cute)
and it wasn't dry yet when I
took this picture.

Then Lorelai decided to help "P" with the
new steps.

She LOVES the broom!

Now, the steps are finished and some of the landscaping
is done.  We still have a few things to plant and
we have to mulch everything.  However, Dan wants to
finish some stuff up on the side of the open
porch before we finish this up.
Hopefully it will be done 

On May 28th we went to Animal Kingdom!
Loved it!!!

All these pictures were taken with my
phone, so the quality isn't the best
but I think you can see
how much we enjoyed ourselves. 

We went early in the morning so we were on the
first safari tour and saw lots of animals.
We rode a couple of other rides -
the river rapids ride and went to a show -
we were going to do the Mt. Everest roller coaster but after
Dan getting a little stomach upset after riding
Space Mountain we decided that we
would by pass it this time.
We have decided that Animal Kingdom
is our new "favorite" park, but
Dan also decided that he is
done until the weather cools off some.

The next week we took off from the parks and decided
to go peach picking instead.

In about 10 minutes (or less) we had picked
this entire box of peaches.
These peaches are not huge but they were really, really

The next week saw us with the sweet ones again before
leaving for the weekend.
Where did I go?
Well, to Disney World of course!
See, this past Saturday was this sweet one's second
birthday and we were going to spend it
at Disney World.

Melissa and Justin found a condo off "campus" for a reasonable
price that had three bedrooms, two baths, and a loft.
Why did we need so much room?
Well, Melissa's sister, Aunt "Tul" came in from
Nashville, and the kids dad came in from Georgia - not counting their half sister from Lakeland.

I went over and picked up Justin and the two girls Thursday afternoon and drove up to Avon Park to Melissa's office to pick her up.  Then is was off to Disney.  After checking into the condo and getting the cars unpacked we headed to the park for our first adventure.
We went to Hollywood Studios for the Disney Junior live show where
Lorelai and Ada saw all the characters from the Mickey Mouse Show, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, and Jake.  The two girls were enthralled and I don't think Ada blinked during the entire show.
Melissa and Justin were able to ride the Tower of Terror while I watched the girls (I don't do rides like that!) and then we went to the fireworks and laser show.  While it was not exactly what we thought it was going to be the girls really enjoyed it!

Friday we took the girls to Animal Kingdom.
Lorelai was so excited to see all the animals, especially
the giraffe and the elephants.  We did several other activities, like riding the dinosaurs, and "meeting" Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy.
Aunt "Tul" also arrived from Nashville to spend 
the rest of the weekend with us.

Playing with stickers while sitting in "Tul's" lap.

Saturday was actually Lorelai's birthday and we attended a character breakfast at one of the resorts.  Minnie, Goofy, and Donald (Lorelai's current favorite character) walked around and "posed" with the birthday people.
This picture was taken in the lobby as we were waiting to be seated.

I do have other pictures of the breakfast - but they are not on this
computer - I'll explain that later and hopefully will post some of 
those at a later date.

Justin's parents, youngest sister, Melissa's half sister, and her dad were also at the breakfast along with Aunt Tul, Melissa, Justin, me and the kids.  The
food was EXCELLENT - much better than I thought it would be since it was a breakfast buffet.  Everything I had was very good - and while the price was high (isn't everything at Disney?) it was a very good meal.

After breakfast some of us headed over to the Magic Kingdom for a very long day.  The kids had such a great time and were so good.

Meeting Goofy and Donald:

Getting a bite to eat:

Ada decided to take a nap and suck her thumb
(Aunt "Tul" forgot her pacifier) while
we watched the show in front of the 

Oh, I just had to buy her that little hat - didn't want her
head to get sunburned.

And of course we HAD to ride the one ride my
dad (who helped build Disney World in 1970 - 1971)
refused to go on because he had listened to the song
over and over, and over again on his 18 hour shifts during
the final weeks of construction.

It's A Small World

I really don't have any pictures of Lorelai on this ride
since she was sitting in the seat in front of us - but
she would point out all the different things.
She really seemed to enjoy the ride.

Ada was pretty happy for the first part of the ride,
but then she decided she had had enough and
cried and fussed for the second half.
She was NOT a happy baby.
(I'm sure my dad was laughing in heaven!)

Sunday we spent some time around the pool before
the kids dad and Emily left to go home.
I packed up and headed back home around 3:30
leaving the kids and Crystal in Orlando.
Crystal flew out Sunday night and the
kids enjoyed one final night of
"vacation" with no one there but their family.
They headed back home on Monday.

Monday I thought I would be able to sit back and get a little time to recoup from the weekend, but that was not to be.
Dan and I went out for breakfast then headed into Sebring to the grocery store to pick up a few things for Lorelai - you know things like milk, fruit, and the staple around here of Mac and Cheese.
My mom came over when we got back home - she wanted me to check something for her on my computer.  I had just gotten on the website when I hear a bang and my computer goes off immediately.
Figured that was not a good thing and I was right.
It could have been worse but the power converter had blown up.
To make a long story somewhat short we went back into Sebring to get a new one.  However, after much discussion, we decided that I would get a new computer and Dan would take my old laptop.  They only had one in the store - the floor model - and we got an additional 10% off the price (which was on sale).  The biggest problem was it had to be reformatted which meant we couldn't pick it up until the next day.  So, since it was after 5 by the time we finished everything we stopped at Chili's for dinner.  Oh, and in case you are wondering, we did get a power converter (at WalMart) and I have transferred all my pictures from the old laptop to a external hard drive.
That is why I didn't have the birthday pictures on the blog today - I had already downloaded the pictures and I haven't put anything on this one yet.

Well, this has turned into a small book - so I think I will close for now.
I hope to be able to post once a week from now on.
Have a great week and I'll leave you with one more picture.

Here is "P" taking a nap with three of his girls.
Lorelai, Jessie, and Samantha.

Talk to you soon!


  1. Happy 2nd. Birthday Lorelai! Thanks for the great update! Poor Dan, I hope he's feeling better soon. Love all the pictures in the post.Short update from my side: put an offer in on a new house and started packing up our current home. I'll send you the link once the deal came together. We are driving to Halifax (~310 mls) again this weekend for the home inspection, I'm glad when all the back and forth is over.
    Hugs and have a beautiful rest of the week,

    1. Hi Sue! So glad to hear from you - here's hoping all goes well with your home inspection! (Did you sell your current house?) I'll look forward to receiving a link to see the new house! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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