Sunday, April 13, 2014

Projects and more projects!

We have been really busy around here this past week.

Dan has some BIG plans and projects
that he will be working on
in the coming weeks.

This one is SO big that it probably won't be
finished until at least
Mother's Day!

Any idea what he is doing?
I can't tell, but I'm so excited that we are
doing this!

In the meantime - my car has been exiled to the 

We kept both girls this week.
They are both growing so fast!

Adalyn was 4 months old
on Friday.

Such a cutie!

Lorelai is growing like a weed and
doing more and more things
every day.

How can you not love that face?
Be still my heart.

Now, for her latest little trick -

Who needs a door when we have
a doggie door.......

And it doesn't matter if we
are coming ........

or going........

It still works!


Last Sunday the kids came over
and the babies were able
to spend some time
in the kiddie pool.

It was Ady's first time in the pool
and it seems as though she 
really liked it.......

Big sister still loves the water
and being outside.

And both girls had a good time.

Now, just to prove that "spring"
has come to Florida
I wanted to show a little family
of ducks that decided to
swim down the canal 
behind the house last week.

 I have no idea how
many little babies there are
behind momma but there are
at least 10.


Here is one of the projects that we (mostly Dan) worked.

This is what our master bedroom looked like
when we bought the house.

Notice the blinds on the window?
Hate them!!!!
So 80's, right???

So, this is what the master bedroom looks like

Notice the window???
No more vertical blinds!
Can you say YAHOOOOOOO!!!!

We installed  two inch wooden blinds yesterday
and hung the drapes.
I ordered sheers, but they haven't arrived yet.
I'll show you the "finished"  window after they arrive.
Remember this is just one of the projects
we worked on - I'll share the others later.

Now, in a post that has been loaded with
pictures, I"ll leave you with
two more.

My sweet Lorelai


The adorable 

I think I am a pretty 


  1. Hmmmm, maybe a floating dock? Whatever it is, with this amount of wood he seems to have his work laid out for him :). The girls are so precious and cute! Your bedroom looks beautiful. Seems like the weather is finally improving over here too, more and more mornings above freezing, more rain and less snow in the forecast. House is coming along good, even thou not as fast as I like. The guys think we'll be able to list the end of the month, we'll see. Have a happy and healthy week my friend!

  2. Hi Sue - Good guess, but you'll have to wait to see if you are right! :-)
    So glad the weather is finally improving for you - we are suppose to get rain today - I see a lot of the country is getting more snow - I think everyone is pretty tired of the snow this year and ready for some better weather! I'm just hoping the temperatures stay down in the low 80's and not go up into the 90's already - there is time enough for that in July and August. We are still working on projects around keeping the girls - I'm still working on trying to work out a "schedule" for us while the girls are here during the day - it is a work in progress - LOL! Have a great week - and I hope you get everything done that you want to do and list your house soon!
    Hugs my friend!


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