Monday, April 28, 2014

More projects!

I know that it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted.  We haven't been sitting around on our bon-bons.  Nope, we have been working like crazy!  I'll fill you in on all that's going on.

First, let's start with Easter.
Good Friday morning the Easter Bunny left Lorelai a "basket" of things for Nana and Grand - P's house.

 From a hat to wear in the sun
to some toys for the
sand box.
 Some coloring books
and a Lamb cup
even a little
(but not much)!
 Even had to add
a bouncy ball
to play

The big "gift"
was a wagon to pull.

Ady even got a chance to
have a turn in the wagon.
Just not sure she liked it too much.
(Of course, Jessie had to "photo bomb" the picture! LOL!)

Saturday Dan and I cleaned the porch.  We took all the furniture off the porch and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.

Now, it SHOULD be ready for summer.

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day here.

Dan and I Easter morning all ready for church.

After church we went over the the kids house
for Easter dinner and some family pictures.

My daughter Melissa, her husband Justin, my sweet Lorelai, and the
adorable Adalyn.

My sweet girl.

Ada chewing on her fist

My mom, or Adalyn's Great Grandmother

Nana and her little "Ada Bear"

I don't know what was so funny -
but we were all laughing.
Me holding Adalyn and my mom holding Lorelai.

Last week, we kept the girls all week. 

Saturday I spent the day deep cleaning the house.
It was the first time that the house was really cleaned top to bottom since before I was sick.  Don't get me wrong.  I cleaned - dusted, mopped, cleaned the bathrooms - but just hadn't done the really deep cleaning.
Also, on Saturday, we had the carpets cleaned by Stanley Steemer.
We had just finished picking up the little stuff when they showed up.

The last couple of weeks Dan has had a couple of projects going
and he completed one of them last week.
Yesterday I was able to put a little finishing touches on it.

He built the shelves and valance for the windows and hung some new 
shades in the family room.

Yesterday, after church, we went over to the storage unit and found 
all his ducks and I used them to decorate the shelf
above the windows.

So, this is what the family room looks like now.

He is still working on a top secret project and it looks
like he just MIGHT be able to finish on
his deadline of Mother's Day.

I'll give you one more picture of that "little" project.

Hope you all are having a great week!
Talk to you soon!


  1. Beautiful family pictures! The sunshine's are growing so fast. I glad you shared a picture of you too! The house is coming along great, can't wait for the big reveal of Dan's project. We are done with our long list to get the house ready, lots of stuff put in storage and Wednesday our realtor will come for pictures. So glad we finally arrived at this point, hopefully things will keep going smooth. Once it's listed I'll email you the link. We had a little more of the white stuff last week, but thankfully it didn't stay, can you believe it, almost had to list the house in MAY with snow on the ground, hpmf....No way :) It's getting greener in the yard and the deer took advantage of us not having a fence up this year due to the sale, they munched everything they could get too :(. Well, that's life, it'll grow back. Have a great week Carol!

  2. Hey Sue! So glad to hear from you! Can't wait to see the listing on your house - hope it sells quickly for you (my oldest daughter just closed on her house sell last week). Dan hurt his back yesterday so I'm not sure that "the" project will be finished when Dan thought he would - we're hoping that he just turned the wrong way and it will be better tomorrow, but I'm just not sure. If he has to take a couple of days off and not make his self imposed time frame that 's okay. It will get done when he's able to do it (after all we're not spring chickens anymore). Take care my friend and I'll look for your email!


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