Monday, March 24, 2014

Just when you think things are back to normal

Good morning everyone!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.
I had such wonderful ideas of how the weekend was going to go,
but as someone once said
"The best laid plans of mice and men".

Friday my body decided to "pass" another kidney stone.
Let me tell you, that is NO fun at all!!!!
So, I spent most of Saturday resting.
Yesterday we did go to church
but I was not very comfortable at all.
By last night I was feeling better - most of the soreness is gone
(it feels like someone sucker punched you in the kidney) after
the stone is "Passed".

So, once again, I am hopeful that I am FINALLY on the
way to feeling better.

We were suppose to start keeping the baby this weeks along with "big" sister, but my daughter has decided to let me 'ease' into keeping the little one -
we will keep her two days this week, three next, and then have her full time in a couple of weeks (depending on how things go).

Dan and I are hopeful that we can get some projects done around the house in the next few weeks - if I can stay healthy!

We are getting rain most of this week - Today and tomorrow - dry on Wednesday and then more rain on Thursday and Friday!  That's okay - we can use the rain - we'll just have to find something to keep our big girl occupied.

We are also going to have to take Samantha to the vet as she is having difficulty using her back legs (although she can stand up and move she is just having problems jumping up).  I don't think it is a disc issue but a weight issue - but we shall see.

I hope that you guys have a wonderful weekend and I'll talk to you soon!

Hugs -



  1. Oh no, so hope this will be all for your kidney stone issues. Feel better soon my friend! As for the weather we are still having temperatures way below freezing, this has been a long hard winter. We are still getting the house ready to list, so it's a plus that we don't miss outside activities yet. Can't wait to see green again thou. Thanks for your sweet comments on the pictures!
    Have a wonderful, healthy and joyful week.

    1. Thanks so much Sue! I am SOOO tired of not feeling well - but I'm hoping that this was the last of the issues and I'll be back to "normal" (what ever that is - LOL!) soon. So sorry to hear that you are still having bad weather - we are just having rain, but our lows on Wednesday will be in the 40's (I know, poor us!). I hope that you will soon see green again and I'm looking forward to posing some great things soon!
      Hugs my friend!


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