Sunday, March 16, 2014

Emergency Room

I guess by the title of this post you can tell it has been a rather eventful week.

As you probably know, I have not been feeling all that well for over a month but I kept thinking it would get better.  Well, last Monday I was in quite a bit of pain to the point that I finally told Dan that I needed to go to the emergency room.  Now, some of you might ask "why not go to your regular doctor and not the emergency room", and that would be a good question.  We don't have a "regular" doctor here in Lake Placid - all our doctor's are in Lakeland (insurance) and that's a two hour drive away, and most of the time that really isn't an issue.  Monday it was - so, emergency room it was.

We get the the ER around 5:00 and are taken straight back to triage, where all the vitals were taken and symptoms revealed.  On my way to my "room" I had to make a liquid deposit into the "little cup" and then it was time to wait.  The lab came up and tried to find a vein to draw blood, but after several pokes he left to find someone who knew what they were doing.  The head nurse (a very nice gentleman) came and with one little poke had a vein and about 10 vials (okay, probably only five - but a lot) and had me set up for an IV.  Around 5:45 I received some really good pain medication and then we preceded to wait for a CT scan.   Not really sure what time they came and got me for that (really good pain medication) but it didn't take long.  Finally, around 7:30 the ER doctor came in and told me I had - (1) an urinary tract infection, (2) a kidney stone, and (3) diverticilous.  Four prescriptions later, and another dose of pain medication, I was released where I came home and went straight to bed.

Tuesday and Wednesday was spent almost entirely in bed - sleeping most of the time.  Thursday I was finally up about 3/4 of the day and Friday we were back keeping little bit, but only for 1/2 the day.  Saturday I felt well enough to get out of the house for awhile, but then Saturday night I started hurting again - and I think I 'passed' the other kidney stone.

I am hopeful that after I finish with all the antibiotics that I am on I will finally feel like myself again and be up and running at full speed in a very short amount of time.

Life is certainly interesting.



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