Saturday, January 11, 2014

Play offs!

We started the week with really cold weather (for us) - we even put the
electric blanket on the bed and used it; however, we have the air conditioner on now and it has been running all day with temperatures up in the 80's.
The weathermen are saying that we are in for some rain tonight
and then another couple of days of "cooler" weather
(which means highs in the 50 to 60's).
That is one thing about Florida in the winter time - 
if you don't like the weather just stick around for a couple of days and it will change!

I have been keeping Lorelai during the day while Melissa is working from home.  She still has a few more weeks before she is suppose to go back to the office.  I don't know if she is still planning on taking Ady to work with her but I don't think she has been pumping any - so I assume from that that she is. 

Today Ady is one month old.

She is growing so fast.

She is changing so much everyday and staying awake more and more.

 She is starting to be more
aware of things around her.

Lorelai is a doting big sister.  When I go over in the morning to get her she has to kiss Ady goodbye before we leave and the first thing she does when I take her home is give Ady another kiss.
If Ady is crying for some reason, Lorelai runs to find her pacifier.  A couple of weeks ago I went with Melissa to take Ady and Lorelai to the doctor - Ady's first appointment and Lorelai's 18 month check-up.  Well, Ady started crying when the doctor was examining her and Lorelai got upset.  So, when it was time for Ady to get a shot I had to take Lorelai out of the room.
So cute, and funny.
Looks like Lorelai is going to be a protective big sister.

I have been on an organizing and cleaning out "stuff" frenzy this week.
I have cleaned out the desk, all the files, the drawers in the buffet, 
and started working on the recipe notebook.
I still have to work on the closet in the master bedroom and
the guest bedroom.  I am going to go through all my 
clothes and probably get rid of about 3/4 of everything I own.
If it doesn't fit, or I haven't worn it, it's GONE!

There are still some areas that need to be worked on - I want to get my craft supplies organized and Dan has given me a rolling cart that he wasn't using for me to put my supplies in.  That will empty a cabinet in the garage for him to use for some of his stuff.  I would really like to get the garage straightened up again but I think that is a never ending battle - LOL!  But, if anything, I'm stubborn and I won't give up (at least my car is still in the garage).

I also want to go over and really work on the storage unit - I am ready to get rid of about 1/2 of what is in there.  I know that we can't get rid of some of the big furniture pieces - I'm just not ready to get rid of my Hoosier cabinet - and it would be silly to get rid of the top part of the china cabinet even though we can only use the bottom portion in this house.  
But there is stuff that can go away.  I'm hoping to get that done while the weather is still somewhat cool - I sure don't want to be over there working this summer when the temperatures are in the 90's!  

We have also been doing some running around and accomplishing things
 that we have been putting off (or forgetting about) since we sold 
the house on Lime Road a year ago.
We went to the Tax office on Tuesday and renewed my driver's licenses and Dan changed the address on his.  

In the state of Florida you are suppose to change your address within 30 days of a move, but the state charges you $50.00 to change the address and send you a new driver's licenses. That would be $100 for the two of us to change our address when we knew that we would be moving again in six months and have to do it again.  
So, we put it off.  

Plus, now the State is requiring you to have so much stuff to "prove" you are a US citizen - Passport or birth certificate, social security card or medicare card, two different bills that show your current address (one of which has to be a utility bill of some sort), and a tax bill or the closing statement from the purchase of your house or rental agreement with the address shown on the agreement.
Can we say major PAIN in the backside?
(You don't have to have all that to change your address, just
a passport or birth certificate, and your social security card or medicare card.)
However, I was also renewing my licenses so I had to have all the
things mentioned above.)

Anyway, we provided all the information they needed and we are now

On Thursday we went into Sebring and filed for Homestead Exemption.  Since we are permanent residents of the state of Florida we can get a slight break on our property taxes - hey, every little bit helps, right?
There was some information we needed there also - Social Security card (again), Florida Driver's Licenses number, Florida car tag number, and the tax bill for the house.  Once again, we provided all the proof that was needed and we were able to get that little chore done.

I know that we did some other running around - but I sure can't remember what it was - but I can say that we think we have everything taken care of that we had to do.

Which brings me to what I do on the weekend -
It's football play-off season and the last two weekends we have games on Saturday and Sunday.  As long as that is going on my weekends are pretty much spoken for - I'm going to be sitting in my chair watching the games.
(Watching New Orleans/Seattle game now.)

Well, I have rambled on and on about a lot of nothing.
So, I guess I'll close for now.
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Talk to you later!

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