Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside!

I really hate to complain, especially after seeing
the temperatures in the northeast and northwest.
When you see temperatures in minus numbers
you really feel for those that
are having to deal with

While we have had a very mild winter - temperatures in the 70's or 80's -
however, that is about to change.
The weather men are saying that we are in
for our coldest weather in decades.
Now, even though we are going to be
colder than we have been, it is
no where near what they are expecting
or are experiencing in the north.
I mean when you are talking
about the highs being minus 20 degrees! YIKEES!!!!
That's the actual temperature - NOT wind chill.
Once you add that we are talking minus 60!!!!

The Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49's are suppose to
play a play-off game in Green Bay tonight.
Temperatures for the game - minus 20 degrees!!!
How can they play in that kind of weather????
I just don't understand how the NFL would allow
players to subject themselves to those types of conditions.
(and heaven forbid people actually being in the stadium
to watch them play!)

When you think about these types of temperatures
I really should not complain when they are 
calling for us to have temperatures
in the 30's.
(but darn, if you have ever lived in Florida you 
would know that temperatures in the 30's
are "chilled to the bone" cold)
I hope and pray for all those that will be experiencing these horrible frigid temperatures will be safe and warm.

Okay, enough about the weather, let's talk about what Dan and I have been
up to this last week.

Crystal left to go back to Nashville on Tuesday.  She didn't want to travel on New Year's day - and the weather men were calling for snow on Thursday - so Tuesday just seemed like the right day.  She made it home in about fifteen hours with no weather related issues.  However, Friday she was experiencing brown outs in her apartment complex.  She did let us know that she got power back yesterday - and had spent a lot of time on the couch wrapped up with a blanket and "cuddling" with Madison.

Wednesday, we spent a quiet day at home watching football.
Actually we have spent the entire week watching different bowl games.
Some of the games have been good ones - others, not so much.
The UCF Knights won their bowl game - even though they were the
biggest underdogs in bowl history - and Vanderbilt won their bowl game for the second straight year.
However, some of the big games haven't gone exactly the way I wanted or wished.

For example, Alabama.
In my opinion, they just weren't into the game -
I think one of the commentators nailed the reason they lost - 
some schools WANT to be at the bowl game they are at, and
some WANT to be at a different bowl game.
Alabama WANTED to be at a different game.
Same for Ohio State - 
they just weren't "there".
That being said - the BIG game is tomorrow night.
FSU - Auburn.
I don't know about this one.
Everyone is saying that Florida State is going to dominate - but, that is the best way to LOSE!  
My hope is for a good game - we shall see.
(I'll give my prediction at the end)

Okay - Thursday the fence people came and installed the posts
 and then came back on Friday and installed the fence.

I'm excited that we were able to get this done.
Now, Lorelai can play outside and we don't have to worry about
her going into the canal.  One of my goals
for the new year - spending more time outside with her.
She needs the time outside and she LOVES to be
outside - plus it is so much better for her
than sitting in front of the TV.
Now, I can sit on the back porch and watch her play, or I can
go out and play with her.

Yesterday, Dan and I went out to breakfast at Main Street
  then went by the storage unit and found our electric blanket (told you it's suppose to cold here).  The kids came over for a little while to see the back yard and let the little one run around - and I got to spend some Nana time with Ady.
Then we all went out to lunch at a new place on the circle called the Happy Chef that just opened last week.  Dan and I had their lasagna and it was very good.  The kids had sandwiches and Lorelai had a grilled cheese.
I do think that we will go back  - it is nice to know that there is a nice place to go that you don't have to have FRIED anything.

After lunch Dan and I went into Sebring and made a stop at Michael's to pick up a couple of things that I needed to finish a project that I'm working on.
Then a quick trip into WalMart for dog treats, and few
other necessities - such as fish hooks.
Then it was home again to watch some more football - 
only this time pro games.
Still can't believe that Kansas City lost their game -
and so happy that New Orleans won theirs.
Today we'll watch the next set of pro games and feel for
those in Green Bay - which brings us full circle.

So, I think I have rambled on about nothing long enough.
Before I go I promised a prediction 
for the Monday night game -
so, here it is.
FSU by 7.
(but, I'm still not sure)

See Ya later!

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