Monday, December 23, 2013

The countdown is on!

I'm back home now after
a week at my
daughter's house helping a little
with the new baby and
having our "sleep over parties" with

I spent a week and we had 
four out of the seven nights that were good.
None were as good as the first two nights, 
but the last two weren't bad - she
still woke up some and crawled
into my bed
(which was a twin size blow up mattress on the floor beside her bed).
Now, I'll have to admit this was not
my favorite way to sleep.  However, if it helps
the little one get used to sleeping in her own bed
I'll give up a week of good sleep for that.

The reason I was able to come home is
my oldest daughter came in last night
from Nashville for a couple of weeks - 
so, she has taken over with
the "sleep over parties".

Tomorrow I need to run into town and 
pick up a prescription (want to get it before
our insurance company changes our
pharmacy company - again!) 
and I'll also pick 
up some last minute things
for meals for this week
(French Toast Casserole for 
Christmas morning for example).

Tuesday we are having dinner at the kids 
house with all the family - Justin's 
parents and his sister's family are coming down
and my kids dad will get in during the afternoon.
 Hopefully, my mom will be feeling better
so she will be able to come over
and celebrate too.

Wednesday, Dan and I will have our
Christmas here before loading all the 
gifts into the car and
going back over to 
the kids for
our family

Looks like things will be a little busy
for a few more days!

In case I don't have a chance to 
post again before
Christmas -
Dan, Samantha, Jessie and I
wish you and yours
a very
Merry Christmas!



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