Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Just helping out

This will probably be a short and sweet post
as I have been staying over at my
daughter's since Saturday
helping out with the
new little one,
but mostly
I've been helping Lorelai
get settled into
her new room!

We have been working on getting
her to sleep in her
"Big girl" bed
all night.
Saturday and Sunday nights
were a cinch!
I rocked her
to sleep and laid
her in her bed -
and she slept ALL night
in her bed without
a single whimper.

However, last night was a different story!
First of all we (Melissa and I) took
the two girls to the doctor.
Addie had her first check-up (and her first shot!)
and Lorelai needed her eighteen month
check-up (and had to have one more shot).
Well, even though the doctor said it wouldn't
affect her, she was extremely grumpy and fussy
all afternoon and evening.
So, to make a long story short - we did not have
a really good night last night.
She kept climbing into my bed and I would put her
back into hers - finally, I climbed in bed with her until
she fell back asleep.  Anyway, I had to do that a couple of times
so it was a long night.

We all knew that it would take some time to get
her used to sleeping on her own in her own bed.
So, while we had a rough night last night,
 we'll work on it again tonight!
We'll just have to take it 
one day at a time.

Today, Melissa had to go back up to Lakeland
to get the staples from her C-section
removed (Dan is driving her and Addie up).
Lorelai and I are staying home.
I'll do a little laundry -
fix some lunch
(and see what to fix for dinner).
Yep, I'll stay busy!

So, I guess I'll go for now!
But, before I do, I'll 
leave you with a couple of pictures of
our sweet girls.



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