Friday, October 4, 2013

One Room Challenge

Hello everyone!  
See, I told you I would be back today didn't I?  I've really been thinking and thinking about what to post about - I mean we have done some work around here - but not as much as I would have hoped for.

The last few days I've been scrolling the Internet looking for some "inspiration" and I've come across a challenge that I just MIGHT be able to complete.  It's called The One Room Challenge

Join In

 and it's over at Calling it Home (here is the link 

I mean we have just moved into the house, so it's not like there aren't rooms that need some help.  I'm just not sure which room I should tackle.

All the pictures I am going to show you today are ones that I took when we looked at the house back in December.  We closed on the house toward the end of March - so we have been here about, what six months?  There are some things that we have done and there are lots of other things that we want to do, but some of those things are going to require some construction work - and we aren't ready to do that yet.

I guess I could work on the Master Bedroom.

 Or, I could work on the Master Bathroom.

 But it's really small and doesn't really need THAT much work.

I could do the guest bathroom.

Or the laundry room.
Have so many plans for this room.

Then there is the kitchen.

We have already done some work there - so I don't think I  could do a six weeks challenge there.

We could do the family room.

We have done some work in this room - but this is also one of the rooms that we want to do some construction.  I'm not going to tell you what we have in mind - as that will spoil future posts, but just know that it will completely change the look of this room!

 Then there is the back yard.
You already know that we have done some
MAJOR work there, but I haven't shown you what we have done.

But, that wouldn't be fair to do a challenge on a space that is already complete.

So, I think that I will work on the Guest Bedroom/Nursery.

We have done very little in this room and I am really not happy with the way it looks.  

This room has to do double duty.
First it is the guest room, but every day it is Lorelai's room for her naps and diaper changes.  It will also be the new baby's room.  I really want it to look nice for our guests - but it also has to be practical to be used everyday by a sixteen month old and the newborn in December.
 (A little clarification for those that might be new to my blog - Lorelai is my first grand child and my daughter will deliver my second grand baby in December.  I keep "Little Miss" daily while her mom and dad work - and it looks like I will be keeping the new little one too!  Thus the need for a nursery along with the guest room.)

There are some things that I already am thinking about - I'll just have to convince the hubs that they are good ideas.  I know that I want to work on the window treatments and I think that I want to try a different room arrangement.  We have already talked about the hubs making a headboard for the bed and I have some ideas for some decorations that will work around the theme that I want to run.  I have these beautiful watercolor prints that my friend did that I want to use in the room - I think that will be a perfect theme for a guest room/nursery.

I hope that this room makeover is something that we can accomplish in the next six weeks.  Wish me luck as I have to also get the hubs on board.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Oh, by the way - I have plans to do some fall decorating this weekend - check back next week to see what I get done!

Hugs -



  1. Looking forward to seeing your transformation! I haven't informed my husband yet either! Happy wife, happy life!

    1. Well, I have to say that I told him about an hour ago and he didn't shoot me - so things must be okay. We'll see how many of my projects he gets done!

  2. You are having a baby in December? This December? Be careful when you work and have people help you. Sounds like you need to finish the room, anyway. Thanks for joining in.

    1. Oh my goodness Linda! NO, I'm NOT having a baby (I'm 61 years young)! My youngest daughter is having another baby which I will babysit everyday while she and my SIL work. (I keep Lorelai - their first child now.) You did make me laugh though! Guess I should go back in the post and clarify, huh?

  3. Sounds like a plan Carol! Good luck!

  4. Can't wait to see what you are up to! We will tackle some outside projects over the weekend. BTW, it's not like I hate this house, I just don't love, even after all the hard work we put into making it a home.
    Hugs and have a great weekend,

    1. Hi Sue - Oh I didn't mean to imply that you "hated" your house - I know exactly what you mean when you say that you just don't "love" it. I've been there. I've had some serious discussions with myself over this house - I just know that this is where we are going to be for the foreseeable future - so I might as well embrace it and make it "our home". It will take some work and some money (hopefully very little money -ha!) but it will all work out. Enjoy your great weather and I hope you get all your outdoor projects complete!


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