Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rain, rain, and more rain

Well, we had another day of rain.  It started about noon and lasted until about 4 this afternoon.  We also had some pretty strong winds along with the heavy downpours.  I really don't think there has been a day in over a month that we haven't had some rain - everything from all day downpours, to all day drizzles, to a couple of hours of heavy rain, to just a nice thunderstorm.  We certainly don't have to worry about water in the lake or in the canals.

Since we really couldn't do much outside today (although we did get a short golf cart ride in this morning) it turned into laundry day.  Did all the towels and throw rugs in the house as well as the normal clothes.  This also allowed me the opportunity to mop all the floors for the second time this week.

I put a pork roast in the crock pot around 1 this afternoon and then fixed some new potatoes and steamed carrots.  Tomorrow I'll take the left over pork roast and make some bar-b-que for lunch.

Speaking of food - Little miss had another good day eating - breakfast was a whole wheat waffle with banana and lunch was half a grilled cheese sandwich.  She also had a couple of snacks - this morning a fruit smoothie and this afternoon some baby gold fish.  She is getting much better at eating - she hasn't choked at all this week (this was a problem that we had a couple of weeks ago - she had to learn how to hold the food in her mouth and chew it). Anyway, she is getting much better at chewing.  The other thing is, I have quit stressing on the amount of food she is eating. (I know this sounds strange, since I raised two kids of my own - but I don't remember how much they ate or even what I fed them during the transition).  I've read and done some research and realize that she is eating exactly the amount she should be eating.  Her little tummy can't hold that much at one time - that's one of the reason I've added the morning snack as well as the afternoon snack.

Not really sure what tomorrow will hold - but I'm sure we will stay busy!

I'm going to sign off for tonight!

Hope you had a good day and -

Talk to you later - gator!



  1. Oh, I remember the choking part, even with No3 I still found it scary.
    Hopefully you'll be experiencing some sunshine soon, living coastal I know that all the rain can get to you after a while.
    We had another hot day, but with a nice breeze, so sitting on the deck felt great.
    Hugs and a happy Wednesday,

    1. It really is a little scary - I don't remember my kids ever doing that - but that was a LONG time ago! LOL! We have already had a small rain shower this morning, but right now the sun is shining and we have a slight breeze - temperature is even a pleasant 81 degrees. Maybe today will be a good day.
      Hugs right back to you!

    2. You can send us some of that rain. We haven't had any appreciable rain in several weeks
      The cottage is now water tight and the Blitz crew is gone. So let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.
      I don't remember the choking either. Even with our children or our grandchildren.


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