Sunday, July 21, 2013

More of the same

Could you tell, from the title, that is it raining - again?  Well, it is - but more about that later.

Friday was a fairly typical day.  Right after breakfast we took Little Miss for her golf cart ride before the rain started.  We even went to a garage sale just to look around - didn't buy anything (not that we need anything anyway!).  After coming home and having a morning snack we settled down for a morning nap.  We were hoping for a nap like Thursday morning - which was about two hours long and Little Miss climbed off the bed and came and found us in the family room.  However, she didn't have that good of a nap and woke up crying.  I went in and rocked her for a few minutes and then she was her normal smiling self.  She ate a good lunch of Mac and Cheese and fruit, and played with her toys - some by herself, and some with me playing with her.

After Melissa picked her up - Dan and I headed into town, as the power converter on the lap top went out again.  So, we decided to go to Walmart and buy a new converter ($60.00 thank you) and have dinner out - Chili's.  You know that the "2 for 20" deal that Chili's has is not a bad thing - Dan always has the steak and I have the ribs.  Pretty good eating for a pretty good price.  After we finished eating we could see the rain moving in.  By the time we got to Walmart it was POURING and, to make matters worse, there was lightening.  I parked as close to the entrance as I could, even parked down by the garden shop.  That was a really good thing when we left - if I thought it was pouring when we went in I had no idea of what was to be.  Since I was driving I took the umbrella and ran for the car - then drove around and picked Dan up at the door.  It rained on us all the way home and a good part of the night.

Saturday Dan and I went to Main Street Diner for breakfast before taking a morning ride.  We drove back up to Sebring as I had read that there was a "garage" sale on the circle.  However, it was just the businesses on the circle that had "sale" merchandise outside on the sidewalk.  We didn't stop, but Dan decided he wanted to go the Flea Market held at the football field.  We walked around - where we did buy a hanger for our keys, Dan's hat, and sweater/jackets this winter.  We also saw the man who is going to do the screen room/roof over and talked to him to make sure we are still on the books for the middle of August.  We also talked to a gentleman about wooden blinds for the house.  This is something that is on the "to do list", but it is a long way down the list - but it is nice to know that we do have some other options other than the big box stores (Lowes and Home Depot).  We will keep his card and when we are ready we'll give him a call for an estimate.

It didn't start raining until later in the afternoon - we actually thought that we might not have get any rain - but that was not to be.  It rained for most of the night and we were awoken this morning at 5 AM by the thunder, however we were able to doze back off.  We were up in time to get ready for church.  After church we went to the local Mexican restaurant where we ate with some other people from church.  We are starting to get to know people from church which is nice. 

This afternoon we have just "chilled" out - haven't done much of anything - Dan did take a nap and I played some Solitaire on the computer.  The rain started about an hour ago and once again, have had a lot of thunder and lightening.  Dinner tonight will be left overs.

Well, that pretty much catches you up on the goings on around here.  Hope that you had a great week - and I'll talk to you later!


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