Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Slowly but surely

Things are getting done around here - slowly, but surely.

A week ago Monday we were SUPPOSE to have the air conditioning people here to give us an estimate on having vents put in the family room.  Notice the word "suppose"?  Well, we waited all day and they never showed up.  Tuesday morning came and went - not even a phone call.   So, Dan got in the truck and drove down to the office Tuesday afternoon - no one there.  Office was locked up tighter than a drum.  Wednesday morning, we still haven't heard a word from these people,  Dan drives back down to their office - still no one there. 
Enough is enough.

He goes around the corner to a different A/C office and gives them our name and what we want.  Within fifteen minutes of him getting back home - we have a phone call from the office setting up a time for them to come give us an estimate - Friday between 2:30 and 3.  At 2:45 the gentleman is here - looks at everything - gives us an estimate and we come to an agreement on price.  He told us that the office would call and set up a time for the guys to come and install on Monday.  

Not only did they call and say when they would be here - they were actually early and had everything installed and working within two hours.  They even wore those little "booties" on their shoes so they wouldn't get the carpet dirty.  We are very satisfied with their work - and it has made a HUGE difference in the comfort level here in the family room.  Woo!Hoo!

Thursday was my mom's birthday - so we all went out to dinner.  Dan, Lorelai, and I went over and picked mom up and drove into Sebring where we met Melissa and Justin. We had a nice dinner and the kids gave her a couple of picture frames with shots of Lorelai in them.   I think everyone had a nice time and mom enjoyed her night out.

Saturday we went up to Avon Park and looked at a couple of "new" vehicles.  We are still thinking about getting me a car - I just don't know if it is really necessary - other than the fact that I don't like driving the truck.  I can drive the truck, I just don't like to.  Anyway, we have been kicking around the idea of me getting a car - but so far, I haven't been convinced that it is a necessary thing.  If I were working - then yes, I would need a car.  We sold the car I had when we first moved to Lake Placid because it sat in the driveway and was never used.  So, why would I need a car now?  Just seems like an expense we can do without right now.

Sunday, we went to church at the Nazarene church here in town.  Since we have moved here we just have not been able to find a new church home.  We loved our church in North Carolina so much - and the pastor there.  However, a couple of weeks ago we found out that our pastor at our church in N.C. died.  Dan and I have had a very hard time with his death - you see, he committed suicide.  We don't understand why he did what he did.  We have seen and read the open letter he left to the church - but we are still don't understand. 

 At church on Sunday the pastor talked about people needing a friend - how at one time he had been very depressed and he leaned on a person at church who ministered to him - he needed and leaned on a friend.  Dan and I both wish that Eddie could have reached out to a friend - but he didn't - and now he is gone.  The church doesn't have a leader, but more importantly, his family has lost a husband, a dad,and a grandfather.  

I pray that Eddie is at peace and is singing in heaven today.
He will be missed by many here on earth.

After church we went out to lunch with some people we met that morning.  What a nice way to end your first visit to a new church.  We will be going back again - we may have found our new church home.

   Then, later in the afternoon, the kids and the baby came over.  Dan and Justin went fishing while Melissa, Lorelai, and I just hung out at the house.

Oh, and Sunday night, we get a call from the first A/C people.  
A little too late wouldn't you say?

Now, on to this week -

The new vents were added on Monday - as I already told you.  

Tuesday was a pretty laid back day with not a lot going on, other than keeping Little Miss.  I did balance the checkbook and set up the monthly E-payments.  Not too much excitement.

Today, we had someone come in and give us an estimate on painting the inside of the house - living/dining room, hallway, guest bedroom, and kitchen.  The price was really reasonable and included him buying the paint - so, this coming Monday we will have the interior of the house painted.   I'll keep the baby at her house on Monday.  Don't want her to be around paint fumes.  Plus, with her getting around so much - certainly don't want her in the paint! LOL!

 That will only leave the two bathrooms to be done.  We will do those ourselves, as I have already gotten the wallpaper for the guest bathroom and I'll probably work on it in a couple of weeks.  We still have not decided what color we want to paint the master bath or what we want to do with the vanity - just replace hardware like we did in the guest bathroom or replace it, so we will just wait on doing anything with that one for awhile.  

Once we get this done, pretty much everything that we wanted to do inside the house will be complete.  There are still some window treatments that we want to change out - but those can be done later.  (Oh, and maybe some shelving)

Also, today, the wall mount came for putting the television in the master bedroom up on the wall.  Dan has already installed the mount and the TV is up.  We will have to do some "tweaking" as we will have to hide all the wires - but I think it will be so much better with it up on the wall instead of on a cabinet in the corner.

Well, that pretty much catches everyone up on what is happening around here.  

Oh, we have been getting rain for the last couple of days - they started on Sunday evening with a good rain, then we had a huge thunderstorm yesterday, and it is currently raining. We can certainly use the rain, so we are NOT complaining! 

(Just in case you are wondering, Melissa picked up Little Miss early today - so I was able to write a post.)  

Hope everyone has a super rest of the week!

Hugs -



  1. My heart goes out to the pastors family, congregation and you. It's always hard to loose someone this way.
    But I'm happy for you that the house is coming along. Maybe you can post some pictures ones it's all painted, I'm always looking for inspiration.
    Right now I'm only doing little projects, but it's warming up and the deer already found enough green in my beds to munch on.

  2. I'm excited to see the house painted - I'm hoping that the colors we picked out will look good - you know how that is - the paint chips look great, but you're just not sure until they get on the wall. I'm so busy with Little Miss that I haven't really done any projects - but I have a BIG one in the works. I still don't have my craft supplies unpacked - they are still over in the small store room. It is my goal to have that storage unit empty by the end of the month. Just don't want to have to pay that storage bill again. Have a super weekend!
    Hugs my friend!


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