Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Doctors Appointments and a LONG weekend

We are still working on the back patio.

The concrete forms have been put in and we are waiting for the 
county to come and inspect before we can pour the concrete.
The county is SUPPOSE to be here today
and we will pour concrete tomorrow.
At least that is the plan.

We had a nice long weekend -

Saturday - Dan and I spent the day doing our
normal running around.
Breakfast first - then into Sebring to look at a few things.
Didn't buy anything - but we are looking for some 
things for the patio once we get it finished.

Sunday - Dan went into Lakeland to his grandson's Baccalaureate service.
I stayed home and did some work around here - 
Laundry and cleaning house.

Monday we kept Little Miss for a little while -
Then Melissa and Justin came over
for dinner - Hamburgers and French Fries.

Yesterday we spent the day in Lakeland -

I had two doctor's appointments -

Mammogram first (had a 3-D scan)

then lunch at Cracker Barrel.

Then back to Watson Clinic and my 
first appointment with a dermatologist.
Had three moles "burned" off my

They are a little sore this morning, but all is well.
At least they weren't anything to worry about -
they just needed to come off.

The rest of the week should fly by.
As I stated earlier -
tomorrow - they are suppose to pour the concrete.
Friday - Dan goes back into Lakeland (third time this week)
to his grandson's graduation and I'll be keeping 
Little Miss.

They are also suppose to pull the forms off the concrete on

Dan will be putting the retaining wall around the 
"beach" area on Saturday. Hoping to have the
sand delivered the first part of
next week so we 
can get it set up by next weekend.

We also hope to get the pedestals installed on the
washer and dryer this weekend, but 
Dan has to have help.
So, we are hoping that Justin can come
over and help him get these

Then we can get the patio furniture out of the little
storage unit and get the table, chairs and lounge
chairs set up on the new patio.

That would also help with getting the storage unit 
emptied.  I am still hoping that we will be able to
get everything out of the small unit before the end 
of the month - but to be honest - it's just 
not looking good.  

We shall see.

Sunday will be church.

Seems like we are going to have a
busy week.

I'll let you know how much
we get done.

Have a great rest of your week.

Hugs -



  1. These kind of Doctors appointments are never fun, glad that all went well!
    A beach are, how fun is that! The little miss will have a great time paying with you in the sand. Hopefully your patio can proceed so you get to enjoy it soon.

    1. Hi Sue - Yes, I am not a big fan of these doctor's appointments - but they have to be done. Hope to have the "beach" area finished soon so Little Miss can have a nice place to play.
      Hugs to you my friend!


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