Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pretty painted house

This week was a different one.

 Monday the painters were here bright and early to paint the house.  I spent the day at Melissa and Justin's house.  We didn't want Little Miss to be in the paint fumes, or to be in the paint.  (Really we really didn't want her in the paint. LOL!)  Honestly, it would have been very difficult for the guys to paint with the little one crawling around.  It just made more sense for me to keep her at her house for the day.  So, Dan dropped me off at 6:45.  We had a good day, but I think she was a little confused why she wasn't at Grampie and Nana's house.

The two guys that came to paint the house did a nice job - and finished when they said they would finish - they painted the entire house in just one day.  I haven't taken pictures - but I'll take some in the next few days so I can show you.  I think the colors turned out pretty well - and we are happy with the way they turned out.

Tuesday afternoon I had a doctor's appointment in Lakeland.  So, Justin took off work early and took Little Miss for the afternoon.  It was just my yearly with my Gyn - nothing special.  Now, I do have to go back on the 28th and have my mammogram  and I'm also going to see a dermatologist.  There are a couple of moles that need to be checked out, but I don't think they are anything to worry about - they just need to be removed.

While we were in Lakeland we decided to do a little shopping at places we don't have at home.  So, we went by Hobby Lobby and picked up a picture frame and then over to Stein Mart.  I wanted a cream wash cloth and hand towel for the guest bathroom - which I found.  We also found the comforter set that I had seen at Home Goods down in Ft. Myers.  So, Dan bought it for my birthday.  It sure does brighten up the bedroom.

Wednesday and Thursday we were back to our regular schedule - although I worked on cleaning the house around Little Miss.  That is a trick in itself - HaHa!

Friday, Dan hooked up the travel trailer and took it up to Sebring to the consignment lot.  We are hopeful that it will sell quickly.

Friday afternoon Melissa and Mom came over - picked up Lorelai and then we all went into Sebring to meet Justin for my birthday dinner at Outback. Yummy! 
You know it's pretty bad when you have to have three vehicles to get five people and a baby to town.  Now, one of those five was coming in from work - but still three vehicles for all of us it pretty bad. 
We definitely need a bigger vehicle. 

Saturday, Dan and I went out to breakfast then up to Avon Park to the grocery store.

Today I started the day with a nice long telephone conversation with my oldest daughter in Nashville.  It was so nice to be able to talk to her for a long time - I miss us doing that.  I will look forward to seeing her in a few weeks.  

Then we had everyone here over for a Mother's Day Lupper (lunch and supper combined).  Dan grilled country ribs and chicken - of course, it rained on him.  I don't know why - but it doesn't seem like Dan can grill if it isn't raining!  I fixed some potato salad, baked beans, and fresh sliced tomatoes. Everything turned out really good and it was nice to have Mom, Melissa, Justin, Lorelai, Dan and I all together for a meal.  Little Miss even ate some boiled potato that I saved when making the potato salad.  She is getting better and better at feeding herself - of course, she isn't using a spoon yet - but those fingers are good for now.

Now, next week we have some things planned too.

Monday the landscaper is suppose to be here to take out the big palm in the back yard in preparation of pouring the concrete for the patio.  Then we will have to have the irrigation man here to move some irrigation lines.  We shall see what else the week holds.

I wish all you of you that are mothers a very Happy Mother's Day!  I hope that you had a wonderful relaxing day.

Have a nice week ahead and I'll talk to you soon!

Hugs -


  1. What exciting news, so much work going on around you. We had a rainy weekend, so I got to spend Mother's Day on the couch reading A LOT.
    Enjoy the new looks!

    1. Well, that sounds like it was a relaxing time for you. WE have had rain everyday around here for the last week, but it is suppose to dry out for our Memorial Day weekend - and be HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Have a great weekend!
      Hugs -


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