Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Menu

I hope that you all are having a wonderful Memorial Day!

Our plans for outdoors have changed because ------

We are getting RAIN!


We need the rain so badly - so,

I'll give up a cookout for the rain!

So, I've been busy today, since we are getting our wonderful rain, and did my menu plan for the month of June.

Confession time - I did not do a monthly menu plan for the month of May, and boy oh boy, could I tell it.  I was just NOT organized and just couldn't seem to stick with what I thought I wanted to cook on Sunday when I did the plan to what I would cook during the week.  Of course, part of that could have been Mountain Man trying to help, especially last week when I was sick, or maybe that's just an excuse.  I am so envious of you out there that can plan by the week and carry that plan out - I just can't.  I need the accountability of that menu staring at me from the refrigerator!

So, I am back with my monthly plan.

Okay, so what is the menu plan for this last week in May?
Well, since you asked-------

Monday, May 28 - Standing Rib Roast, Baked Potato, Corn
Tuesday, May 29 - Beef Enchilada Casserole
Wednesday, May 30 - Pork Chops, Rice, Mixed Vegetables, Biscuits
Thursday, May 31 - Skillet Macaroni and Beef
Friday, June 1 - Movie Night , Pizza
Saturday, June 2 - Tangy Chicken, Buttered Noodles, Green Beans
Sunday, June 3 - Crispy Pecan Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli

Now, I know you are probably wondering about the Rib Roast - yep, those "turkeys" (not really a turkey, but you know what I mean) are expensive, but we bought it at Christmas when they were on sale (it was still expensive, but not as bad as they usually are - anytime you pay $30.00 for a piece of meat - that's expensive in our household!)  and it has been in the freezer.  It needed to be cooked - so we thawed it out Friday (in the refrigerator), and I decided to cook it today since the cook-out was cancelled, due to the

I hope you guys are sticking to your menu plans - I've love to hear if you would rather do a monthly menu plan or a weekly plan.
Also, just a question - would you like for me to tell you what the plan is for the month and then just review each week or just do it like I have been doing - one week at a time?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

Thanks and I'll "see" you on Wednesday with the next room reveal.

Hugs -



  1. there's no way you are going to cook on June 7th. i'm calling it right now.

    1. It's something I can fix the day before and just put it in the oven - We have to eat at some point! (and I don't think I want fast food, do you????)
      Love ya!


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