Sunday, January 8, 2012

Next weeks menu's and Going to the Hospital

This week the menu is already changing for a couple of reasons.  First let me remind you what is on the calendar for this week -
Sunday   1-8  Pork Roast; Roasted Potatoes; Brocolli & Cheese
Monday  1-9  Jambalya & Rice
Tuesday  1-10  Easy Taco Soup
Wednesday 1-11  Wafles & Bacon
Thursday 1-12  Chicken Chimichangas & Spanish Rice
Friday 1-13  MOVIE NIGHT - Pizza
Saturday 1-14  B.B.Q Pork Sandwiches; French Fries; Baked Beans

Well, let's start with today - we are not having a Pork Roast.  Why?  Well, because we have a LOT of left-overs in the refrigerator that we need to be eaten.  So, instead of thawing out a Pork Roast and cooking and having additional leftovers - we are having an "eat out of the refrigerator" feast today, but that also means I will not have the left-overs I thought I would have for the BBQ Pork Sandwiches on Saturday (but I have a plan).  Also, as I will discuss a little more later, we will not be home Wednesday night - so I will not be cooking Waffles & Bacon - sooooo, my new plan is is to do the Waffles and Bacon on Saturday night.  (See the advantages of the menu?)  Also, IF we have a lot of left over's from the week- say of the Taco Soup - we might have them instead and put off the Waffles for another night later in the month when I don't feel like cooking a lot.  That is one of the things I like about doing the menu's - I have the ability of moving things around to fit our schedule (or how I feel) and not worry about not having what I need to fix it in the house when I want to.

Now, why will we not be home Wednesday night?  Well, Dan has to go back into the hospital and have another heart catherization.  The tests that he had last week showed that either:  1. he has more blockage, or 2. his stent has collasped.  We are hoping (and praying) that this is all that it is and he will not require heart surgery.  While the heart cath is not something to take for granted - it could be so much worse.  So,  he is scheduled to have it done on Wednesday and we will have to spend Wednesday night at the hospital - hopefully, only the one night.  I am not sure what time we have to be there yet - the hospital is suppose to call us Tuesday to let us know when to be at the hospital.

Mom will be here to take care of the pups - so we don't have to worry about that and Melissa and Justin will be around to check in with mom. (Two things that I don't have to worry about for the night.)  To say that Dan is not exactly the happiest of campers would be a major understatement (guess I really should not use that analogy since one of the reasons he is not happy right now is - we are not able to use the camper  for awhile - we STILL have not been able to make any trips with it since we purchased it in October), but I would rather do what we need to do and make sure he is okay before we go anywhere.  So - if that means putting off camping for awhile than so be it.  He is not happy about not being able to do anything for a month to six weeks - but that's okay.  Not the first time he has been unhappy about something - he'll get over it and we WILL do whatever it takes - whether he likes it or not.  (Sometimes a wife just has to put her foot down - right ladies?)

So, I will try and post again on Tuesday before we go to the hospital, but if you don't hear from me for a couple of days - please understand.  Keep checking back and stay with me.  Life sometimes throws us some curve balls - you just have to go with them.  It just seems like lately - those balls are coming at a faster pace!

Finally I would like to say - Thanks for your kind words and understanding as I put a little more emphasis on "the home front" instead of the blog for a little while.  We would appreciate your prayers as we go through this procedure next week.  While we have had it done before there is still some danger and prayers are always appreciated.  Thanks again and God bless.


P.S.  If you would like to see a few other menu ideas please check out , or  Thanks!


  1. Please be sure to tell Dan I'll be praying for him...especially Wednesday. I have a friend whose brother just had to have his stent opened up again and he's doing fine.

  2. I'll be praying for your husband as well. Have a blessed week,



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