Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Menu's for the week

First of all I'm going to be very honest - I did a horrible job sticking with the menu's last week.  I do mean horrible.  I'm sure part of it had to do with Dan's hospital visit, but I can't put all the blame on that.  I was just tired and did not feel like cooking.  I know that is not much of an excuse, but it's the best I can do.  So, we ate out two days last week - okay, actually three - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I guess that shows we all "fall off the wagon" occasionally. 

So, what about this week?  Well, first let me give you the menu for this week.

Sunday - 1-15         Country Ribs; Potato Salad; Baked Beans
Monday - 1-16       Chicken Alfredo; Pasta; Salad
Tuesday - 1-17       Country Vegetable Soup; Cornbread
Wednesday - 1-18  Pepper Steak; Rice; Rolls
Thursday - 1-19      Southwestern Taco Pie
Friday 1-20            MOVIE NIGHT - Homemade Pizza
Saturday 1-21        Hamburger; French Fries

I didn't start out too well - Sunday we ate at my mom's - so we did not have the country ribs (we are saving those for this Sunday).  We did have the Chicken Alfredo last night, but instead of the Country Vegetable Soup tonight I did some switching around.  It is suppose to be cool here tomorrow night and we have to go back to Lakeland to the doctor, so I decided to do the Soup tomorrow night (Wednesday) and cook it in the Crock pot and we had the Pepper Steak tonight (Tuesday).  I'll stick to the plan for the rest of the week - until we get to Sunday the 22nd when we will have the Country Ribs that we were suppose to have on the 15th (I"ll save the Ham and Great Northern Beans for another time - maybe next month).

As I've said before, that is one of the advantages of having the menu plan - you can move things around because you have the things in house to fix whatever you need to.  One of the really wonderful things about this month's menu plan, and really any menu plan, is the money you save when you use it.  Case in point, the first of this month, we went to the grocery store and we spent a little over $239.00 - I have been back to the store once for milk, O.J., cheese, sour cream, and soda - that's it.  Less than $50.00.  That means, so far this month we have spent a little less than $290.00 for groceries.  Not too shabby!

If you are interested in other menu's check out these other sites for some really good sources:  http://orgjunkie.com/2012/01/menu-plan-monday-jan-1612.htmlhttp://beautyandbedlam.com/freezer-checklist/;  http://goodcheapeats.com/2012/01/pantry-challenge-week-2-done-share-your-progress/

How are doing with your menu's this month - are they helping, or have your had your ups and downs too?

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  1. kim and i have been planning menus one week at a time. we always build in at least one day for a trip to a restaurant so we don't feel bad about saying yes to friends who invite us out. we've done pretty well, less than $200 spent on groceries this month. but we eat a lot of "meatless" meals.


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