Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not exactly the week I thought I would have

Okay, I thought that by this time we would know how much it was going to run to have the remodeling done on the house and we would have made a decision on what we were going to do - NOT!

The guy from the company who is doing the bid for the remodeling job was suppose to come on Friday afternoon after I got home from work, but after work on Friday I checked my phone and there was a message on it from him. He wanted to come next week with the electrician because he wanted to make sure his drawings were accurate, so his pricing would be accurate. He did email us a copy of some drawings that he has done and we like the concept especially in the master bedroom closet/bathroom, but there are some issues with the scale, especially in the kitchen/laundry room/master bathroom (they are all inter-related since they back up to each other and when you square up these angle walls they will all be affected.) Anyway, to make a long story somewhat short, he won't be here until Wednesday afternoon at 4 - which means we won't be able to make any kind of decision until next week. As most of my friends will tell you, I am not the most patient of people, so this is really driving me NUTS!!!!! I wanted to get it done yesterday and now having to wait to even make a decision another week - well, it is not the best of circumstances!

Mark, the owner of the remodeling company, did tell Dan on Friday, that one of the things that is bothering him is the idea of us staying in the house while all the work is being done. Dan doesn't see what the big deal is, but I can sorta understand where he is coming from, especially when we are talking about tearing down just about every single interior wall in the entire house. Anyway, we have talked to the kids that live here in Lake Placid and they have both told us that we can stay with them if we need to - not an issue. So, if the need arises, we do have a place to stay. Anyway, I know I said this last week, but hopefully, this time next week, we will know what we are going to do.

Also on Wednesday we were suppose to have Dan's nephew from Michigan and a bunch of his motorcycle buddies here for a couple of days on their annual Florida road trip. Now these are professional guys who like to take a road trip on their Harley's once a year, and a few years ago, when we lived in North Florida they stayed with us a night or two. So, Dale called and asked if they could come by and stay a couple of nights with us here - of course we said to come on. Well, he called yesterday and he has pneumonia and can't come, but the other guys are coming anyway. It should be interesting and fun - There will be four of them and only one queen size bed - and three blow up beds that will be thrown on the floor around the house - we'll see how that plays out. I may be staying over at the kids house for a couple of days - we'll see.

It has been so windy here that Dan and I have not been out on the boat at all this weekend and it is suppose to rain today - it hasn't yet, but it is cloudy and I know that we could sure use some rain. Dan went out twice this week with our neighbor fishing for shell crackers - they didn't catch anything the first day and Dick, our neighbor, caught one Friday, which they threw back. Dan said that neither one of them wanted to clean one little fish. I'm sure they will have a chance to catch plenty in the days ahead.

We went out to eat on Friday night to Jaxson's - our first time there. We had heard about this place over on the north side of Lake June, but we had never been. We decided Friday night to try it. It was really good - we both had Prime Rib which was excellent and fried cheese cake - yep, you read right - fried cheese cake. Yummy - but I wouldn't recommend it for just one person - Dan and I split one piece and it was more than enough. Anyway, the food was excellent, the service and good, and the manager/owner(?) came over and checked with us a couple of times to make sure everything was good. We will definitely go back. Other than that, we have pretty much stayed at home (I know, I know - will wonders never cease!).

Oh, we did go over to mom's for dinner last night, but other than that, it has been a fairly quiet week. I guess I will let you go for now, but before I do I just wanted to wish my oldest daughter a very Happy Birthday. I know that your card and all will be late - your birthday sorta slipped up on me, but don't think that means I don't love you very much. I hope that you have an absolutely fabulous day today at your party and a wonderful day tomorrow on your birthday - Love you, Crystal!

Everyone else - have a great week -and I'll talk to you later

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