Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun on the Lake

After a really rough week at work, I was really ready for a nice quiet, relaxing weekend. Friday night after eating some cold fried chicken the kids came over and we took a quick ride around the lake. Of course, I didn't take my camera, but that's okay - it was just nice to get out on the lake. It was the first time that the kids had been out on the boat so we just had a nice little ride. After coming back home we talked for a little while then, after they left, Dan and I just read our books for a little while before heading off to bed. A Relaxing and Nice evening.

Saturday morning we got up - sat out on the back porch, drank our coffee and just hung out. Dan did want me to go look at a piece of furniture at a garage sale right around the corner that he thought might look good in the guest bedroom, but when we got there someone was buying it. Oh well - not meant to be. So we left and went down to the Main Street Cafe and had breakfast then it was back to the house for a nice quiet day at home.

Most of the day was spent in the chair on the back porch reading my book - but I did manage to get up and go in the pool for about an hour before heading out on the boat for a nice ride around the lake. The above picture was actually taken the first part of last week - but I thought you might like to see a sunset on the lake - this is not a very good picture - it was really pretty cloudy the day I took this picture and I didn't have the right lens on the camera, but it's a start.

The pool felt absolutely wonderful - love the pool blanket! It has added about 15 degrees to the pool and making it extremely comfortable to be in - even in February! Dan and I are talking about getting in the pool before we go to bed at night since it is so relaxing. It might help us both sleep better.

One of the things that we are amazed at is how much the pups love to go out on the boat - if we just say the word "boat" they are running around so excited and when we head down to the dock they beat us to the boat and jump on board all by themselves - even little Jessie. We haven't figured out if they really like the boat that much, or if they like being with us that much. Anyway, it is nice that they enjoy the boat as much as we do.

Now, what has been going on around here - well, we have all been the the doctor (except the pups- I have to make their appointment with the vet in Lakeland for the last week in March - Spring Break) and I have three tests that I have to go through in March - Colonscopy, bone density, and mammogram - two of the three don't bother me, but I do detest the colonscopy. Not the actual test, the prep for the test - but with the family history, it has to be done. All three will be done during Spring Break - I know, what a way to spend your Spring Break, but I would rather spend the first part of Spring Break doing that and getting them over with than having them hanging over my head. Plus, they will all be done by Wednesday and then I can enjoy the rest of the week!

We have also talked to a home remodeler - he was here last week and took all kinds of pictures and measurements. We discussed what we would like to do (and we found out that we could take every single inside wall out of the house - none are load bearing!) and he is suppose to be working up an estimate on the cost of the work. We asked that he break it down into stages and then we will be able to see what we can afford to do. I REALLY do not want to go back to work at school next year (but I am looking at some other means of income) so we will see what he comes up with and then we will look at our options. Dan really does not want to do the work - all of a sudden he realizes that we are older then we used to be and it is hard work doing remodeling work. Really???? Anyway, I am hopeful, but we will see. Maybe we will have the estimates by this time next week and will be able to make some kind of decision by the end of March. We'll see!

These last two pictures are just a couple that I took while coming in on the boat the other day - I thought you might like to see them. (the last one is the bird rookery, but it doesn't show up very well, once again - wrong lens!)

Anyway, I hope you had a good week and that you have a great week next week. Take care and I'll talk to you later!


  1. I have done my bone density, PAP, mammogram and while I type, am preparing for a colonoscopy tomorrow. Like you said, the prep is the worst part but it is important.

    I'm so happy for you and Dan in your newest adventure. It's a wonderful love story with a happy ever after.

  2. thanks Donna - and good luck on the Colonoscopy tomorrow - you'll be in my thoughts!

    One of these days you two are going to have to come down to Florida and we are going to have to get together again (for more than a quick meal)!

    Until then - take care!

  3. Just want you to know I'm still following your blog and enjoying it.


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