Sunday, March 13, 2011

Well, things are moving along

Well this was the week that we were suppose to find out if we were going to be able to do the house. We don't have the final figures yet, but it looks like we just might be able to be able to do some of the work, if not all of it.

Mark, the contractor did come on Wednesday afternoon - right at 4:00, with his son - who works for him. They came in with a blow up copy of the plans they had emailed us. We walked through the house and talked about the concerns we had (a wall moved in the kitchen/laundry room that didn't need to be moved and would have cost BIG money to move, because it involved moving the door into the garage - not a good idea). We also didn't understand some of the measurements in the bedroom walk-in closet. We addressed all those concerns while we waited for the electrician to get here. He arrived at about 5 and we walked through the house again talking about were light plugs, switches, pendents, cans, etc needed to be and what needed to be moved, etc. The electrician told Mark that he should have figures to him by this past Friday and Mark said that he should have final figures to us sometime this coming week. However, the ballpark figure he gave us was within what we had thought it would be and we think we will be able to do it.

Dan went down and talked to the bank on Thursday and we are waiting to hear back from them on some things that we are looking at - different options we have. So, to make a long story short, we shall see. Right now, things are promising, but only time will tell - but I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, that doesn't mean we haven't been doing things. Dan has been wanting to put a patio on the back of the house - outside the pool enclosure and a retaining wall/flower bed around the pool - well, we finally had the money saved to get that done - and the work was started on Friday.

Everything has been formed up and now we are waiting for the inspectors to come on Monday - after that - hopefully Monday afternoon, but no later than Tuesday, the concrete man will be back to pour the concrete. Dan says by next weekend we will have a usable patio. As you might be able to tell from the first couple of pictures, it is going to be a pretty good size. We have also ordered the fire pit that Dan wants for the patio, and it should be the first part of the week. All we will have to do is get some chairs to go around it, and next weekend we can have a cookout and a fire. Sounds like a good time.
Dan has also been sorta busy in the house - remember that wall I told you about that left a hole in the bedroom wall - well, he finally got that filled in with drywall and has been working on "mudding" the wall. I don't know - but I guess it takes a while to do that???? Plus, he moved the pocket door over to the bathroom door that will close the guest bedroom/bathroom off, but not interfere with the door going out to the pool deck.

He says he wants to get these walls finished and the trim work back up before the contractor comes in (I don't know, but I'm sure there is a good reason for this). Anyway, I hope to be able to post pictures each week of all the work being done on the house - but we will have to wait at least a couple more weeks. IF we are able to do this - it will be the first of April before we can get started. That will be after Spring Break, and after all the doctor appointments. Like I stated earlier, I'll keep you posted.
Now, finally, for this week - Thursday after work Dan and I took a sunset cruise out on the pontoon boat and I took a few photos - I posted one on my Facebook page, but I wanted to leave you with one on the blog today. I hope that you have a great week and that you'll stay with me - looks like things might actually be starting to happen around here! Yeah! For those of you on Spring Break, have a great week and remember those of us that are still working for a couple more weeks (our Spring Break is not until the last week in March - but that just means we will only have 9 weeks of school left when we get back - Yahoo!!!!) Take care and I hope you enjoy the sunset ------------------


  1. I'm amazed at all your accomplishments. It took me forever to get one room carpeted, some painting done and the tile work finished! You are going to have a great house on a great lot in a great location. So life will be GREAT!

  2. Dan and I were talking this past weekend - when we get all this work done, and I don't have to work, life will be SWEET!!!


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