Sunday, February 20, 2011


Goodness things seems to be moving at a fast pace right now - last weekend Dan got his new truck - which by the way, he told me yesterday that he "loved" and thanked me for not letting him get the stripped down white truck that he was trying to talk himself into. Now, this weekend Dan bought the boat. Now, don't get too excited. It's not new - but it's a nice used pontoon boat that looks almost brand new. It is not as fancy as the first new one we looked at, but Dan says that he will be happy with this one. It's a little smaller than the new one at 16 feet, but it will fit completely under our covered dock.

These are not the best of pictures, but he beat me back to the house after putting in at the boat launch. He drove the boat home and I drove the truck home. Now, let me get a little off subject for just a second. This was the first time I drove his new truck. Not only did I drive the truck for the first time, but I had to back the trailer down the boat dock and then after I pulled the trailer out, I had to back it up to be able to get out of the park area. I'm very proud of myself, because I don't normally back up any kind of trailer. It just took me a little while, but I did it AND Dan let me do it.

Okay, back to the new boat.
We have, of course, already had our first adventure. We were in the pool yesterday afternoon - yes, I said in the pool, but that's a whole different story - and we both kept smelling gas. Now the guy across the canal was pressure washing and was using a gas powered motor, so we didn't think anything about it. Well, about two hours after the above picture was taken, Dan went out to get the boat ready for our evening ride on the lake and discovered that the gas tank (there on the left of the picture) had a huge split in it and almost all the fuel that we had just bought was gone! So, we had to call around and find a new gas tank - Walmart in Avon Park. By the time we got back home it was after 9 and we decided that we would wait until today to do our first ride around Lake June.

We took that ride today and I must admit that I think I'm going to like this. We even took the pups with us. Now, I know that we will be getting floatation vests for the pups, especially Samantha, as she is the curious one and was up and looking over the sides of the boat. We will get them a vest so I won't have to worry IF they should happen to fall overboard.
Well, Dan and I are going to go down to the Volunteer Fire Department and pick up some bar-b-que for lunch. I'll try and write more later and let you know about all that happened this past week - it has been a busy one! In the meantime - take care and -----------------
I'll talk to you later!!!

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